Belated Photo Dump

I missed my photo dump...again.  I'm not an evening/night person.  I'm always so tired!  Especially now that the sun goes down at 5:00.  I'm much more productive in the mornings.  And since this is my weekend day to get up early with Brantley (we take turns), here I sit.  Christmas music is playing and the living room is lit up by nothing but the pretty white Christmas lights.  Perfection.

Before my photo dump, a few random thoughs.

  • Today is December 1.  Only 24 days until Christmas!  And only three weeks of school (work) until Christmas break.  And only two weeks til I graduate!  Hence, two more weeks of homework!  I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!
  • Today is December 1.  And the high is 65 degrees.  Tomorrow's high?  70!  I'm definitely not complaining, but also wouldn't mind a little snow snow day.
  • We didn't win the lottery.  BUT...someone in our area did!  That makes two recent record-breaking lotteries where the winning ticket was sold in our vicinity.  Last spring in Ottawa, KS (30 miles to the south), this week in Dearborn, MO (50 miles to the north).  Definitely makes it more real.  The hubs and I had fun discussing what on Earth we'd do if we won.  But I'm sure we'll never have to act on that.  So we'll just keep on dreaming!  (Correction: We did win $4.)
  • My photography class is tomorrow morning.  I'm. So. Excited!
Top: Friday love | Fishy cupcakes for my dad | Little snowman
Middle: Mmmm...bibs! | Losing lotto ticket
Bottom: Pretty lights & garland | Adorbs | Ugly season but still a fan!

Happy weekend!


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