A Growing Boy

I know we're only a week away from B-Man's 6-month update, but I have to blog about these things before I forget!  Big B is growing faster.than.ever.

Perhaps the most life-changing {for us} - he's crawling!  Someone recently told me (or maybe I saw it on Pinterest?), your life with baby doesn't really change until they become mobile.  Oh, isn't that the truth!  When he was a newborn, he slept all the time.  Even when he was awake, often we could lie him in his sleeper and he was content looking around.  There was lots of time to get stuff done.  Well now, we can't leave him for long.  He'll get into something he shouldn't, or bump his head on the coffee table, or something to that effect.  This kid is mobile, I tell ya!

Here's the email I got at work {from Daddy} on Friday, December 21:
Little man crawled a bit today! It’s amazing! He made like 2 or 3 movements and then stopped. I kept coaxing him by putting a toy out of his reach. He used his knees and everything!  

So sweet! ;) 

He quickly and easily gets where he wants to go, that's for sure!  Here was in the kitchen earlier today.  (See below.  Sidenote: I promise our kid wears pants when it's 20 degrees in the dead of winter.  I'm not sure why they're off here.  Daddy?)

Hard floors?  I don't mind!
Crawling is the official go-ahead to baby proof a house, I think. 

Step 1: outlet covers. 


Not only is he crawling, but he also sprouted a tooth!  Same day.  Friday, December 21 is when we first noticed it.  He has an amber necklace that's supposed to ease the pain (amber is a natural anti-inflammatory and some people swear by these necklaces), but honestly, he hasn't seemed bothered by the tooth whatsoever.  And sometimes the necklace makes him look like a girl. 

He has developed a better relationship with Sophie the Giraffe though.  He was never too interested in Sophie until he realized she makes for a great teether!

Don't make fun.  Mommy makes me wear it.

He also started reaching for people to hold him.  Seems like such a little thing, but man, all these little things together prove we no longer have a newborn!  He first reached for Grandma Sides during Christmas.  Papa Sides was holding him.  I guess we know how he feels about his Grandpa! :)

And finally, maybe the most significant change in Big Boy's life - he started eating solids.  Like actual people food - fruits and veggies - pureed, of course.  We've been doing rice cereal since Thanksgiving-ish (maybe that's considered a solid, too??) and it was going alright.  He didn't hate it, but was never too interested and seemed more content with bottles.  But after his first bite of avocado two nights ago, he couldn't get enough!!  We started with one tablespoonful (plus added formula to thin it down) and he scarfed it down.  Last night, we tried two tablespoonfuls.  Same thing.  This kid loves it!!  Since you're supposed to follow the 4 or 5-day rule (same thing for 4 to 5 days incase of an allergic reaction), we're stuck on avocado for a few more days, then on to sweet potatoes!  Then onto, who knows what!  Green beans, carrots, squash??

(Don't you love our high chair?  It's got numbers on it, just for this math-teacher mom!)

Like many super moms and friends of mine, I'm planning to make my own baby food.  It's cheaper.  It's healthier.  And it's kind of fun!  I have a food processor / chopper / pureeer (is that a word?) that worked awesome for the avocado and sweet potato.  Of course, the avocado didn't need steamed or boiled, like most things will.  Buy Buy Baby has cute, little ice cube-like trays (with lids!) to conveniently store and freeze the pureed food.  And it seems most things can be frozen for up to 3 months. 

I started reading a book, Super Baby Food, during maternity leave that has many great tips and suggestions.  There are also numerous blogs out there (links found on Pinterest - check out my 'Baby' board) with advice and suggestions, but if you're an experienced baby-food-makin'-mom, please feel free to pass along any words of wisdom!

Until next time!


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