My Favorite Things: Baby Edition #2

More baby favorites to share!

1. Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer - So maybe this isn't a necessity, but it sure is nice for traveling!  We bought it for our trip to SC, but use it all the time now.  It's a bottle warmer that plugs into the cigarette lighter.  The downfall is that it takes 15 minutes to warm a bottle, so planning ahead is definitely a must, but it's better than having to stop somewhere for warm water.

Side note: Though bottle warmers are great, here's a tip I wish someone would have shared with us.  Give your baby room temperature formula from the get-go.  DON'T WARM BOTTLES!  Then your baby won't refuse cool milk when in a pinch.  Lesson learned for Baby #2.

2. Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor (similar) - I didn't intially want a video monitor.  I didn't think it was necessary and, because of the price, I thought a sound monitor was would suffice.  However, I'm so glad I let the hubs talk me into one.  It's so nice to be able to check on Brantley from the comfort of my own bed.  We've had no issues with this brand, other than once when the video wouldn't work.  However, we let the battery run dead and recharged it and it was fine.  This particular monitor is nice because you can control the camera from the touch-screen monitor.  So if your baby moves a lot in his sleep, you can move the camera to see him.  And, when another baby comes along, you can get a second camera and set it up to flash back and forth between the two cameras.  Love this thing!!

3. Munchkin Formula Dispenser - An absolute must for formula-feeding mama!  I have the Munchkin brand which allows for three batches of formula.  Makes feeding on the go much more convenient!

4. C.R. Gibson Baby Memory Calendar - This calendar lets you document your baby's first year as it happens.  You fill in the months and days yourself, so it starts on your baby's first day of life and ends on his first birthday.  Also included are stickers to record Baby's milestones.  This is a quick and easy alternative to a baby book, or like me, you can start here and transfer to a baby book later!

5. JuJu-Be Paci Pod - We have one of these attached to our diaper bag and another on our car seat.  Guarantees you always have a pacifier on hand.  Except for those times when you somehow forget to put all of them back...

6.  Halo SleepSack Wearable Blanket - Once you stop swaddling your baby (when they begin to  roll), you can switch from Sleepsack swaddlers to Sleepsack wearable blankets.  Same as the swaddlers I talked about in my last Favorite Things post, but without the swaddle flaps.

7. Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor - Perhaps a video monitor and movement monitor are a bit much, but this thing is supposed to help prevent SIDS.  It detects a baby's breathing and will sound an alarm if it subsides.  Knowing that made me feel waaaay better about moving Brantley to his crib at such a young age.  It also comforted me when Brantley started stomach sleeping and I was freaked out he was going to sufficate himself in the mattress.  I highly, highly recommend this thing, but beware, you will probably have a few false alarms, aka scariest moments of your life thus far.

8. J.J. Cole Bundle Me - Perfect for cold-weather climates, this thing straps into your baby's carseat and keeps him nice and snug in the cool weather.  There is also a cover to pull over Baby in leui of blankets.

9. adin + anais Burpy Bibs - Not only a burp cloth, but also a bib!!  We use regular bibs for feeding, but this thing is pretty good at keeping clean clothes clean and dry clothes dry for the extra-drooly baby.  It's like a shawl and wraps around Baby's entire shoulder region.  They're very absorbant and cute, too!

And in my opinion, there are a few things you can pass on, as well. Save the money and instead spend it on formulas and diapers.

Pack & Play - We used the basinette part for the first six weeks of Brantley's life.  And ever since, it's been packed away in our basement.  Not exactly the pack Graco is talking about. :)  Maybe we'll use it someday??  But for the time being, we just don't have a need for it.  Update 3 years later: Yes yes yes to a Pack & Play!!!

High Chair - High chairs are expensive and take up lots of space.  We bought one before Brantley was born, but returned it because we decided we could do without.  Instead, we opted for this Fisher Price Space Saver chair.  It has all the perks of a regular high chair, but straps to one of your regular kitchen chairs.  It also converts to a booster seat for toddlers.  We love this thing so far!

And that's all for my second edition! :)

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  1. we haven't used our angel care monitor yet, but i have a feeling we are going to love it too!!