Photo Dump

Happy Christmas weekend everyone!  Big news in our house - Brantley's officially a big boy!  His first tooth is pushing through and he crawled for the first time yesterday!  Only for Daddy though.  I haven't seen it so I can't verify.  It's no surprise though...he' s been on the verge for weeks now.  And you'd probably know that had I posted his 5-month update.  Oops!

We're headed to Wichita in a few short hours so my blogging hiatus will continue.  I promise to get back at it soon.

Merry Christmas everyone!  Enjoy your holiday and family time! 

Top: Handsome man | DIY Christmas wreath | Checking out his first snow
Middle: And the stockings were hung | Bass Pro Wonderland | This kid loves presents!
Bottom: Beginning to look a lot like Christmas! | Do you see yours?? | Mommy's happy about her snow day!


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  1. Love the wagon!! That is what we got Charlie for Christmas :) Cannot wait to put him in it!