Brantley Carter: 5 Months Old!

Well, I'm only 2+ weeks late with this!  But better late than never I guess!

(Btw some of this was written a day after his 5-month birthday, some of it last week, the rest just now.  So it's kind of a hodge podge, but I'm writing everything like it was written 2 weeks ago.)

You are becoming more mobile by the day!  I swear, you're going to start crawling any day now.  You get up on your hands and toes like you're ready to go.  Right now, you gets where you want to go by rolling.  You are a master roller, kid!  And a quick one at that.  You roll back and forth and back and forth like crazy.  Lately, you've been rolling towards the Christmas tree so you can play with the wrapped presents.  Sneaky little boy.  I'm not kidding when I say you can roll from one side of a room to the other in a minute's time.  Can't leave you alone anymore, that's for sure!

Your five month birthday coincided with your first sick trip to the doctor.  We received a text from Miss Stephanie around 3:30 that read, "Hey guys just a heads up.  I don't think Brantley is feeling well.  He's been extremely fussy and coughing all afternoon."  Luckily, your pediatrician has walk-in hours and is open until 5:00, so I picked you up and we went straight to the clinic.  Daddy met us there.  Your coughing/congestion/wheezing was just a head cold, but you were diagnosed with your first ear infection.  On antibiotics you went, for 10 days, which is turn caused a bagillion poopy dipes each day and a bright red, irritated booty.  Poor guy. :(

Other recent developments: you grab at your bottles and direct the nipple to your mouth.  Funniest. thing. ever.  Kid, you sure do like to eat.  You also recognize your name and turns your head to look whenever you hear it.  You also started stomach sleeping sometime between 4 months and now.  As a result, no more swaddles, but a sleepsack instead.  Since you can roll like crazy, you also move all over your crib.  You love sleeping in the corner for some reason and as a result of rolling off the Angelcare pad, the SIDS alarm has sounded a few times. 

Sadly, I'm not sure we've heard you laugh once in the last month.  You are a serious babe.  I've tried all kinds of things to get you to laugh, but nothing.  Nada.  I'll hope for some giggles within the next month!

Size - 16 pounds 8 ounces with clothes and a diaper

Words - Baby talk.

Food - At the 5-month mark, you were eating six ounces six times per day, every 3-ish hours.  Since then, we've increased each feeding to seven ounces per bottle and tried to cut the sixth feeding.  I say try because Miss Stephanie almost always feeds you three bottles while you're with her, even though you could probably get by on two.  Oh well.  Nothing wrong with a growing boy.  We still feed you right before bed, but space out your daytime feedings every 3.5 hours, when possible.  We also started rice cereal between month 4 and 5.  Once per day, usually in the evening.  You don't hate it, but you definitely like the efficiency of your bottles better.

Sleep - Still sleeping through the night.  In addition, you take a few naps per day.  Daycare says typically a 10am and 2pm nap, and sometimes one in the evening.  You love your sleep, just like your mama!

Bedtime/Waketime - Bedtime is anywhere between 8 and 9, proceeding your final bottle.  You normally fall right asleep without any sort of fuss or cry.  We.are.lucky.

Hair - More blond than anything.  It may be starting to grow just a tad.

Eyes - Still blue!

Teeth - I'm adding this category this month.  None yet, but I'm thinking soon!

Likes - Rolling, lights, his jumper, being held, human interaction, Mommy, Daddy, bottles, being patted, your jumper.

Dislikes - Being left alone, being hungry, being tired.

Wardrobe - You're wearing mostly 3-6 month clothing, but some 6-9 and some 6-12 month stuff fits.

Diapers - Size 2

Mommy's Fave - Your eyes.  Your forehead dimple.  Just all of his little facial features and expressions you make.  It's fun to watch you observe the world around you.

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