Milestone for Baby B!

Monday night was a big night in the Sides' household.  We put Brantley in his crib to sleep for the first time!  We thought the vacation to South Carolina (more on that later) would be a great time to transition him out of our room, and at 6 1/2 weeks old, we decided it was time!

We have been very blessed with a child who sleeps 8+ hours through the night, so it didn't even phase him.  He (as they say) sleeps like a baby no matter where he is (apparently even at loud wedding receptions) and he did fantastically well his first (and second and third) nights "alone"!

I did great, too!  Well, other than springing out of bed multiple times last night when the alarm on our Angelcare Movement Monitor (a SIDS-preventative thing) went off.  Yikes that was scary!  I'm still not sure didn't go off either of the first two nights.  Otherwise, that combined with our video monitor makes this momma feel much more at ease.  Of course, I still go check on him frequently.  You know, feel him to make sure he's still warm, i.e. alive--don't laugh, I know all moms do this!

The only negative?  We had to give up the beloved sound machine.  We figured it was the best thing to do considering it is his afterall. :)  But...good news!  Since our Angelcare monitor includes a sound monitor as well, we can still hear the rolling ocean waves!

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