Our First Family Vacay

Aka our weekend getaway to Greenville, South Carolina!

We survived the 14 hour drive - times two!  Brantley was a champ.  Slept nearly the entire time.  Kinnick even did well considering he freaks out every time we make the trip to Wichita or Iowa!

We made a quick stop in Nashville on the way to visit Craig's cousin, Rodney, who he hasn't seen in 25+ years!  It was great catching up...well, and for me, meeting him for the first time!  Rodney owns a salon and has styled the hair of many country music stars (Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Martina McBride).  Cool, huh?  He even said celeb sightings (Taylor Swift and Reece Witherspoon) weren't uncommon in the part of town where we ate lunch, but no such luck for this celeb-lover.  Bummer.

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.  As always, there's definitely no shortage. :)

It was a great little vacation!  Congrats Brad and Kristen and thanks for giving us a reason to travel!


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