Next Time...

I love the summer Olympics. Specifically women's gymnastics.  Not sure what it is about that sport, but I've been slightly obsessed ever since watching the Magnificent Seven compete in 1996.  I'm pretty sure I could name every single one of those gymnasts at the time, but Dominique Moceanu was definitely my fave.  (Side note: I was going into eighth grade that year!  The announcers keep talking about how that was nearly 20 years ago...holy cow I'm getting old!)

Then, four years ago, there was America's sweetheart, Shawn Johnson.  Of course I was a fan of her...she's an Iowa girl like myself!  I was slightly disappointed when she announced her retirement from the sport, which meant no repeat Olympics.  But, did you hear she's going to be competing on Dancing with the Stars All-Star cast?  Yay!  I loved her on that show the first time's the only season I've ever watched religiously.  Of course, Melissa Rycroft was on that same one...another reason I watched...and luckily, she's back again, too!  Yipee!  Love me anything Bachelor-related!

This year's team of gymnasts, The Fab Five as they are referred, definitely did not disappoint!  How could you not feel a sense of pride as Aly Raisman finished her floor routine and knew she had secured the gold for her team?  Priceless.  Way to go team USA!

Anyway, my main reason for this post - last time the summer Olympics were on, I had just started dating Craig.  I remember thinking to myself, "Next time I watch these, I will probably be married...maybe even have a kid!"  And now "next time" is here.  I am married.  With a baby.  And happier than ever.  So crazy to think about how much life has changed in four short years.

Now I'm wondering how life will change in yet another four.  Maybe two kids?  Or perhaps even three?  I guess only time will tell.  I can't wait for that "next time"! :)

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