Brantley Carter: 1 Month Old!

My baby is a month old today!  It's so hard to believe - the first month has flown by in the blink of an eye!  It's crazy how much he's already changed...I don't even think he looks like the same baby as the day he was born!

My goal is to document his development each month and, of course, take monthly photos.  So, here we go with month number ONE!

Size - I'm not exactly sure how much he weighs currently, but nine days ago he was up to 8 pounds 2 ounces.  That was after gaining ten ounces over the previous four I'm guessing he might weigh close to nine pounds now?  He was also 20 3/4 inches long.  (Yes, shorter than the day he was born, but his head isn't so cone shaped now either!)

Words - Obviously, no words yet.  Just lots of baby chatter, whimpering, and screaming on occasion.

Activity - That of a newborn: sleep, eat, poop, repeat!  However, it seems he grows more alert by the day and often stares at and takes in all of his surroundings.

Food - Alternating between breast milk and formula (Enfamil newborn).  He eats every 2 1/2 to 4 hours...somewhat on a schedule, somewhat on "demand". 

Sleep - Knock on wood, but he has been sleeping GREAT these past few nights!  Nearly 7 hours last night, 8 hours the night before, and 5 1/2 hours the night before that!  Hallelujah!  Friday (when he was 4 weeks old) was the first night we were allowed to let him sleep through the night, as opposed to waking him up to eat every four hours.  I was so nervous he was going to wake up hungry at 3am (as he had the previous two nights), but to my surprise, he slept straight through!

Likes - Any kind of movement: car rides, stroller rides, the swing (front-to-back more than side-to-side), rocking in the glider, rocking in his carseat, rocking in his sleeper, even being carried around in the Baby Bjorn!  He also likes being swaddled and sucking on his paci.

Dislikes - Being hungry (just like his mommy!), tummy time, having his butt wiped due to his horrible diaper rash (which is much better I might add).

Wardrobe - Newborn and 0-3 month clothing.

Diapers - Newborn size diapers.  We've given both Pampers and Huggies a try...I don't notice a huge different but might like Pampers just a tad bit better.

Mommy's Faves - He has the cutest pouty face/puppy dog lip!  Though I don't like hearing him cry, I love the face he makes before doing so!  Call me cruel, but I've taken multiple pics of it instead of trying to calm him down!  He also sneezes quite a bit (again - like his mommy).  There have been a couple of times when his sneeze goes away mid-sneeze and he just sighs's the cutest thing!

Here are some photos.  We attempted the photo session twice today.  He wasn't a fan.  Get used to the photos kiddo - mommy takes a lot of them!

Photo Sesh #1
Not really sure about this Mom...

I'm warning you...

I'm getting pissed...

This sucks!!

That's better - clothes and a paci.

Nope, I'm gonna be unhappy again

Photo Sesh #2

Really?  Again??

Seriously, I'm done with photos!

And I don't know how to sit yet either...

Here's a funny face for ya, Mom!

I guess I'll cooperate...

How about a model pose?

Aaaaand we're done.
Happy 1-month, B-Man!  Daddy and I love you! 


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