Our First Outing

Yesterday morning I decided to venture out for the first time with Brantley.  Our pediatrician recommended we wait until six weeks to take him in public, but this momma had a major case of cabin fever and had to get out!

His first outing included a trip to Hobby Lobby and the post office.  I justified taking him (against our doctor's orders) by going early in the morning, shortly after Hobby Lobby opened, to ensure it wasn't sprawling with customers who were each going to ogle over a new baby.  Despite a few smiles, the strangers pretty much kept their distance, thank goodness.

Anyway, what a difference running errands is with a baby in tow!

I planned our outing all morning.  I knew I had to leave immediately after a feeding so 1) I'd have a happy baby and 2) we'd be back home before his next feeding.  I packed the diaper bag, made my list, and did everything I could to be organized and on top of my game.  I fed him at 9, put him in his car seat, and off we went!

I quickly decided that maybe this trip was a mistake as he began crying before we even left the garage...

Luckily, he liked the car ride and stopped crying.  But, that only lasted a brief time.  Every time the car stopped at a stoplight, he started again.  I've never wished for green lights more in my life!

I was also a nervous wreck driving with such precious cargo!  I'm usually pretty cautious and defensive with my driving, but I was even more so with a baby on board!  I'm sure other cars were growing quite impatient with me at times!

Anyway, he was still fussy as we pulled into the Hobby Lobby parking lot, so before we made our grand entrance, we hung out in the parking lot and I rocked him in his car seat. 

Once we made it inside, I had to figure out (with a little help from the employee) how to put his car seat in the shopping cart.  Turns out, at Hobby Lobby they have to go on sideways because their carts are smaller than average.  Good to know, I guess!

Off we went on our shopping adventure!  I was scared to death to stop moving the cart, as I didn't want to be the mom with an annoying, screaming baby!  He did well and only became fussy one more time.  I had to take a time-out from browsing to (again) rock him in his car seat.  It worked, he finally fell asleep, and the rest of the trip was smooth-sailing.

All in all, our first outing was a positive one!  Since I made it home in one piece and didn't ever lose track of my purse, diaper bag, keys, cell phone, or baby, I'll consider it a success!

Not sure about this Hobby Lobby place, Mom.  How about a sporting store instead??

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