Wednesday Craft Day

I love summer vacay.  Just sayin'...

Yesterday, my friend Erica and I met up for the Farmer's Market and a day of crafts.  I love being crafty almost as much as I love summer vacay.  (I love the Farmer's Market, too, for the record.)

I've been wanting to make a wedding card album for some time now.  Of course, I found the idea on Pinterest and created something similar last winter with our past three years worth of Christmas cards.

See here?  I bound all of our Christmas cards together with binder rings and made a cardboard cover for them.  I didn't decorate these covers by hand...printed the document straight from the Internet and glued it to the cardboard.
The wedding card album was a similar idea.  Only more professional looking, more scrapbook-y.  Again, I totally stole the idea from Pinterest and copied pretty much embellishment for embellishment.  (I'm very un-creative, but GREAT at copying!)

Turns out, we had WAY too many wedding cards for one album, so I made two!  And here's how they turned out!  (Need to title the second album, but want to use Erica's pen so they match...I'm anal like that!)


Today, I decided to make another album for all of our baby shower cards.  I'm so happy with how it turned out!

I have decided I'm going to make a separate album for each birthday for my kiddos.  I think {hope} someday they will really appreciate it!y

And...on a side note: Erica and I decided every Wednesday would be craft day!  Hmmm...what do make next week?

Tip: If you want to make a album similar, use photo matting instead of cardboard (as suggested by art teacher Erica).  It's a lot flatter, heavier duty, and still easy to work with! 

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