Friday Photo Dump

1 - Sunday pool day with the hubs.
2 - My sweet doggy and I after waking up one morning.
3 - I've never had nails this perfect--definite pregnancy perk!  (Oh, and my wedding band no longer engagement ring only it is...when it fits anyway!)
4 - I love summer vacay...chillin' with my feet up, morning coffee, and cute dog.
5 - Kinnick sunbathing on the deck.
6 - Back in the grind of scrapbooking - page #1 of Baby Sides' scrapbook!
7 - Soaking my poor, swollen feet.
8 - Royals vs. Brewers on Tuesday night - Royals won!
9 - Twelve bags of {free} baby/toddler clothes from a co-worker!

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