37 Weeks: Officially "Full Term"

37 weeks marks a pretty big milestone - Baby Sides is considered "full term".  If he were to come into the world today, chances are, his organs (lungs especially) would be mature enough to fair on their own and he would likely thrive in the outside world!

Though everyone seems to think he's coming early (my mom thinks later this week, my Grandma Fritz thinks June 25), I feel no signs of labor.  I don't think Baby has dropped, which unfortunately, still means lots of acid reflux. :(  My doc didn't check me at my appointment last Friday, and won't again until 39 weeks, so I have no idea if I'm further dilated or not.

I can't decide if I want Baby to come early.  Now that he's full term, if he's ready, we're ready for him!  But at the same time, I am not going to wish away these carefree, rest-abundance days.  I am really enjoying my summer vacay thus far - sleeping in until 9 and often taking a nap, as well!  And there are still a few things I want to accomplish before his arrival.  It really is weird going to sleep every night wondering "if this is the night".  Only time will tell!

Here's an update on "the list" - it's growing longer, but things are also being crossed off!

1) Wash all baby clothes.  Done--including the 12 bags of hand-me-downs I received from a co-worker!
2) Find a pediatrician.  Done--we have a pre-natal appointment with her on Friday!
3) Get car seat installed. Half done--it's in Craig's car...still need to get mine installed.
4) Buy registry leftovers. Done!
5) Order new tubes/supplies for breast pump.  I've heard that the hospital should have them??
6) Get some maternity photos taken--on the agenda for this weekend! :) Done!
7) Decide on a newborn photo outfit...and maybe order a cute hat from Etsy.
8) Figure out which is a better deal - diapers/wipes from Amazon Mom or Costco.  Has anyone done research on this??
9) Long term sub plans.  I just can't work until I'm under pressure.
*10) Get a pedicure (Haha probably not necessary, but something I want to do!  I'm waiting for a swollen feet day and trying to time it as close to delivery as possible.)
*11) Make and freeze a few meals
*12) Schedule a maternity care coordinator appointment.  Done--appointment is tomorrow (And yes, I added this just so I could cross it off!)
*13) Contact/meet with our daycare provider to square things away  Meeting with her next Monday!

*New item

Finally, last night was our last childbirth class.  Good news people - we passed!  We are officially ready to be parents!  Ha!  I'm not so sure about that, but we did get this sweet certificate.

I'm really glad we took a class.  Not only was it a good chance to chat with other parents-to-be, but we learned a great deal of information.  And our teacher, Tisha, was fantastic!  I would highly recommend this class, and teacher, to anyone expecting in the KC area!

How Far Along: 37 Weeks

Size of Baby:
A winter melon??

What's Happening (according to thebump.com):
Baby Sides is practicing skills like inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping and blinking.  He's also getting his first sticky poop (called meconium) ready for his first diaper.  I know you really wanted to know this!


Still movin' and groovin' - kicking and punching my ribs and bladder frequently!

Still not well.  I ditched my Snoogle pillow and it helped a little.  It was really crowding me and making me hot.

Ahhhh comfy shorts and tank tops.  Love it!

Other Pregnancy Symptoms:
Nothing new - still swollen at times (my wedding band does not fit) and acid reflux almost every single night.

Here's the "full term" 37-week baby bump!  Only a few weekly pics to go!

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  1. The hospital probably has replacement tubes etc, but so does Amazon. Also, I was at Sam's this past weekend and priced diapers there. Amazon Mom is still cheaper if you get the Subscribe & Save price. I'm not sure how much Costco is, but it's probably comparable to Amazon. You can cancel the diaper subscription immediately after you place the order, so really it's just another $10 or so off each time!