35 Weeks: Super News!

35 weeks today and it must be our lucky number!  We had our final level 2 sonogram and received the best news thus far!  The fluid in both ventricles of Baby Boy's brain measured completely normal.  Normal!!!  One measured around 8mm and the other measured around 10mm, which if you remember was slightly higher (worse) than average before.  But as a baby's head grows, the "normal" range also increases, so 10mm is now considered within the normal range!

Once he is born, the doctors will likely still perform an ultrasound on his head to check fluid levels one last time.  But...the prognosis is looking great for Baby Boy Sides!  We are relieved and happy and thankful and mostly just excited to meet our HEALTHY, little man!  Thank you so much for the continued thoughts and prayers.  We couldn't be any happier right now!

The sonogram also showed us that our baby is approximately 5 pounds, 8 ounces...right on track according to the doc.  Everything else looked great, as well, and we were lucky to receive a few more {free} 3-D pics of our baby's face!  (I'll have the hubs scan them at work tomorrow.)  Seeing him in 3-D makes us even more excited to meet him in 5ish short weeks!

Other than that fantastic news, there isn't much else going on.  Week one of summer vacay is over, and though I didn't accomplish a ton, I am feeling pretty good about "the list".

1) Wash all baby clothes. Load #1 completed today!
2) Find a pediatrician. 
3) Get car seat installed. We're going to have the Olathe police do this on Thursday.
4) Buy registry leftovers.
5) Order new tubes/supplies for breast pump.
6) Get some maternity photos taken--on the agenda for this weekend! :) (Done and CAN NOT WAIT to see them!)

7) Decide on a newborn photo outfit...and maybe order a cute hat from Etsy.
*8) Figure out which is a better deal - diapers/wipes from Amazon Mom or Costco.  Has anyone done research on this?? 
*9) Long term sub plans... :(

*New item

Tonight was also childbirth class night #3.  Last Thursday was our make-up of class #2...ya know, the one where we watched the birth video.  It honestly wasn't that bad...it was more documentation leading up to delivery than the actual delivery.  I think I felt better leaving class on Thursday than I did tonight!  Tonight, we talked about our pain-relief options (the epidural sounds almost as scary as the delivery), tools used during delivery (the vacuum, forceps, etc.), and we got to tour the birth center of the hospital.  The tour was great, but also a little scary.  It's just so weird to know we'll be back there very soon to have our baby!  Yikes!  Next week's class is when the guys get the wear the empathy belly.  There will definitely be pics of that!!!

What else?  Today I discovered the Instagram app.  Well, re-discovered, I guess.  I downloaded it a year ago, but never really did anything with it.  It's just a fun photo app.  So, of course I took some pics of my day.  You know your life is exciting when you take pics of your laundry. :)
1-First load of baby laundry 2-In the washing machine it goes 3-This swimsuit cover-up was a lot looser last year!

How Far Along: 35 Weeks

Size of Baby:
A coconut

What's Happening (according to thebump.com):
His hearing is fully developed and his testes have likely fully descended.  In addition, my uterus is 1000 times its original size.  Craziness!

Nothing...though being home all day long makes me want to eat a lot!

It's beginning to hurt as he often kicks/elbows(?) me in the ribs!  Enough with that, Baby Boy!

Not very well.  I wake up (it seems like) once an hour and my limbs are often tingly/asleep when I do.  I only pee about once during the night, but just can't find a comfortable sleeping position.  I'm so glad I don't have to get up early anymore, because then I'd be extremely annoyed.  I can't wait til the days when I can comfortably sleep in whatever position I want...though then the nights will be sleepless for a whole new reason. :)

Ahhhh comfy shorts and tank tops.  Love it!

Other Pregnancy Symptoms:
This was a really bad week for acid reflux.  I think I had it almost every day.  And it sucked.  Swelling still off and on and like I said above, the tingly feeling in my hands comes back at night.  But still feeling pretty good!

Here's my 35-week baby bump!

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