Friday Photo Dump

Still here.  No baby yet.  Only 10 days til D-due!  Perhaps next's weeks photo dump will include pics of a new baby??  (Fingers crossed...)

Top: Ham & pineapple skewers | Baby bump shadow | New nail polish or moldy fingernails?
Middle: Kinnick & his squirrel buddy | Another book for cards
Bottom: Mmmm....caprese salad (minus the moldy basil I bought) | Watching tv with daddy | Baby bump shadow #2

Top: Fresh artichokes - a new experience for me | Tried to grill them - finished product | Hospital packing list
Middle: Last pedi before baby | Of course he sleeps with his head on a pillow - what dog doesn't? | Farmer's Market goods
Bottom: Look at his paws and mouth - he makes me laugh! :) | First red tomato! | Baked zucchini

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