Friday Photo Dump

Happy Friday!  (As if it matters...everyday is like a Friday for me!)  Still lovin' my Instagram app!  And I taught the hubs how to use it on his iPad, so now he can join in on the picture-taking fun, too!
Top: K loving on his bro | Newborn aviator hat I ordered from Etsy
Middle: Basket for newborn photos | Afternoon nap | Freezer full of meals
Bottom: The schnauz and I | Blueberry-cream cheese muffins | Blueberry bush
Top: Father's Day breakfast on our deck | Philly cheesesteak stuff peppers | Bucket 'o blueberries
Middle: Such a mama's boy during the summer | Cup holders seem like a good place for doggy paws | Childbirth certificate
Bottom: Father's Day gifts for Daddy* | Hubs snoozing with the schnauz

*In case you're wondering what, a pooper scooper from Kinnick (hey, it's what he wanted) and children's Jayhawk books from Baby Sides (and mommy)! :)


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