The Times They Are A-Changin

This weekend four years ago was a special one.  It was the weekend I met my future hubs!  Here's a picture...our very first picture together, in fact!

In case you've never heard the story, we met on a pub crawl!  A pub crawl that cures cancer!  Crawl for Cancer is a national fundraiser pub crawl that raises tons of money for cancer research.  It began in Kansas City 10ish years ago and has expanded to other cities all across the country.

Anyway, our meeting wasn't a totally random one.  We were on the same pub crawl team, linked through a chain of friends.  I was friends with a co-worker's friend (my connection to the team), who was friends with a guy from college, who played softball with Craig.  And technically, we met long before the beer began flowing and before we arrived at the I'm happy to say I did not meet my husband at a bar!

It was a gorgeous, sunny, summer-like day and we had the best time doing our part to cure cancer.  We played flippy cup, hopped from bar to bar, and made a lot of great memories that day.  And the rest is history. 

Anyway, fast forward two years and we decided to organize our own C4C team.  Here we are in 2010.
 And again last year, in 2011.
The past two years were definitely fun, but not quite the same as the first.  Partially because of the weather.  We had to fight chilly, rainy, dreary weather in both 2010 and 2011, which made walking from bar to bar slightly miserable.  Regardless, we still had a great time with great friends!

Today was the day for C4C 2012.  And for the first time in four years, it was a perfect, summer-like day.  Sunny, warm, awesome.  Perfect beer-drinking weather.

But obviously, we didn't partake this year.  There were multiple times throughout the day that I mentioned how great of a day it would have been.

However, I wouldn't trade our current situation for anything.  Maybe someday we'll go back and celebrate just like the old times, but for now, I'll cheers my non-alcoholic beer to the little human being that's growing inside me and be grateful for the fact that the times they are a-changin! 

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