30 Weeks: 3/4 Baked!

30 weeks down and just 10ish to go!  Hard to believe we could have a baby anytime really!  Afterall, I was born six weeks early and my sister was born three weeks early.  Early babies might be in my genes!  Of course, I want the babe to stay put for as long as possible (up to 40 weeks anyway), but it's getting very real now.  I'm sure these last ten weeks will fly, especially because we have things going on for each of the next five weekends!

Good thing the nursery is almost done!  The bedding arrived yesterday...I felt like a kid on Christmas day driving home from school!  It looks great, but we are still missing our chair (2 to 4 more weeks) and have a few finishing touches to add later this week.  I will post pictures once they are complete!  Here are a few sneak peaks in the meantime...

And now for the update...

How Far Along: 30 Weeks

Size of Baby:
A cucumber (~15.2 to 16.7 inches long and ~2.5 to 3.8 pounds)

What's Happening (according to thebump.com):
Baby's skin is getting smoother and he is now strong enough to grasp a finger.


I've been feeling the baby move for some time now (the best comparison I can give is a twitch in my stomach), but over the past few days, the movement has changed.  I can literally feel the baby move body parts (arms, legs perhaps?) across my stomach.  And if I push on my stomach from the outside, I can feel his little appendages (can't distinguish but can feel something in there!).  It's the strangest, most bizarre feeling!  I seriously feel like an alien is living in my stomach!

Still going well!  Well, with the exception of the schnauz needing to lay on top of me and my pillow!

Same...the couple pairs of maternity pants I have, but mostly dresses, skirts, and leggings.  Only 15 more days of school and then it won't matter what I wear! :)

Other Pregnancy Symptoms:
Acid Reflux: Still getting that throat burn feeling some, but not every day like I did last week.  Ugh, that was awful.  I tried to drink some Mylanta to help it and almost threw up due to it's nastiness.  I'll pass and deal with the burning throat.

Swelling: My fingers were very swollen last Saturday morning, but haven't swelled since.  And I think I still have ankles, despite the hubs trying to tease me and tell me otherwise. 

Braxton Hicks: Feel them everyday!

Leg Cramps: Still wake up overnight with these on occasion, but not every night.

Here's my 30-week baby bump!

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