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Like I said earlier, I have more good (and very relieving) news about Baby Boy Sides' little brain. 

Yesterday was our second level 2 sonogram at Shawnee Mission Medical Center.  Boy, was I nervous to learn whether the excess fluid levels had grown.  Chances are, they hadn't...after all, the MRI, which was 2 1/2 full weeks after our initial level 2 sonogram, showed levels that were comparible with what the sonogram measured.  But still...after receiving such positive news last week, I couldn't help but think something would set us back again.

However, yesterday's news was good great excellent!  The fluid levels have not increased and our specialist doctor said she was feeling very good about our situation.  The excess fluid has actually shifted to the other side (left ventricle now instead of right), but she said that is normal and is not concerning by any means.

She also told us that the MRI detected no fluid in ventricles three and four (the top ventricles)...something that the initial level 2 sonogram showed and something that the docs at Children's Mercy didn't mention last week.  More good news!

She wants us back in four more weeks for one last level 2 sonogram.  One last sonogram before the baby is born.  Wow.  Seem so crazy!  Please keep praying that the fluid levels remain constant.  We, of course, expect nothing less, but a few prayers will never hurt!

During our sonogram yesterday, the technician asked if we wanted to see our baby's face in 3-D.  Ummm...yes please! 

3-D sonograms aren't routine during pregnancy, and insurance doesn't cover them, so if you want one, you have to pay.  I guess seeing our baby in 3-D was never something that mattered to us and we never looking into getting one. 

But...if the option is at our fingertips (or rather the sonogram technician's), then why not!  Seeing his face in 3-D was amazing.  I couldn't decide who he looks like, but he sure is cute!  Here are a few pics she printed for us!

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