My Guinea Pig

I had a Buy Buy Baby coupon that was to expire yesterday.  I can't let those things go to waste when there is still so much we need, so I rushed out and bought the Baby Bjorn we had registered for.  Combine the 20% off coupon with a $20 mail-in rebate and a few gift cards we've received so far and I paid nothing out of pocket for this thing.  And actually, I think we're coming out ahead! 

Anyway, what does one do with a new Baby Bjorn?  Try it out, of course!  And how do you try it before you have baby?  With your dog, of course!  The hubs thought I was ridiculous, but then he tried it, as well! 

As for the schnauz, I think he enjoyed it!  He liked being snuggled so closely to mommy and daddy!

P.S. My weekly pregnancy post and baby bump photo are coming your way later tonight!  As well as more good news in regards to Baby Sides' little brain! :)

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