33 Weeks: Feeling Good!

With each passing day, I am growing (no pun intended) more and more excited about the impending arrival of Baby Sides!  Not only is my excitement level increasing, but so are my nerves!  To say I'm scared of the delivery process is an understatement.  Terrified would be a better word!  For 33 weeks, I've been able to push (again, no pun intended) the thought out of my mind...but that is getting harder and harder to do as our anticipated due date gets closer!  I actually told Craig the other day that I want a c-section!  In reality, I don't...but it sure seems (at times) less scary than the alternative!  Seven weeks to go...seven weeks to convince myself that I can do this!

We missed our childbirth class last night.  The hubs was out of town for work, so our instructor is allowing us to go next Thursday instead.  I think she said night #2 is the night she shows a labor/delivery video....yay (sense my sarcasm)....maybe it's better we missed that!  I'm not sure it will do anything to calm the nerves.

33 weeks and the end of May also means the end of school!  Today was our last day with kids.  Teachers have two more days and then it's officially summer!  Oh, and they hired my long-term sub today - finally!  Still haven't met with HR to work out my maternity leave plans because negotiations of next year's contract are still a work-in-progress  Annoying.  Hopefully they will come to terms on soon so I can get all the little details worked out...it's hard for me to focus on sub plans when I don't even have official maternity leave plans!

In other baby news, I think we have officially decided on a name!!  But like mentioned before, we're not going to share until he's born. :)

I need to start a to-do list of things to accomplish before Baby's arrival.  Here's a start:

1) Wash all baby clothes. (Is it really necessary to use Dreft laundry detergent??)
2) Find a pediatrician. (I have a list of co-workers' and friends' pediatricians...how in the world do you choose one??)
3) Get car seat installed.
4) Buy registry leftovers. (What are necessities and what is not??)
5) Order new tubes/supplies for breast pump.
6) Get some maternity photos taken--on the agenda for this weekend! :)
7) Decide on a newborn photo outfit...and maybe order a cute hat from Etsy.

That's all I can think of right now.  Onto the weekly pregnancy update!

How Far Along: 33 Weeks

Size of Baby:
A durian--what the heck is that?? (~17.2 to 18.7 inches, 4.2 to 5.8 pounds)

What's Happening (according to thebump.com):
Baby Sides' bones are hardening and his brain continues to develop rapidly!  He is coordinating his breathing with sucking and swallowing and now keeps his eyes open while awake!

Nothing...unless you consider my desire for ice cream every other day a craving??

He's still moving like crazy (I suspect he will until birth)!  Sometimes I think he stretches his arms in one direction and legs the other.  It can be slightly uncomfortable and I feel as if I need to elongate my midsection to give him more room!

About the same.  I don't sleep well when it's hot and the AC unit we bought has come in handy!

Bought a few more maternity tank tops and a few pairs of ON maternity shorts.  It's what I plan on living in from now until July!

Other Pregnancy Symptoms:
The swelling seems to come and go.  But there are times when my feet hurt so bad!  I think the reason is the extra weight I'm carrying.  It's also difficult to bend over, crouch down, and get up from a sitting position.  And I tire much easier these days.  Towards the end of the day, my body just feels so exhausted.  But for the most part, I'm still feeling great!  Can't complain about much...

Here's my 33-week baby bump!  Baby sure is growing!  (By the way, since my photographer was out of town for work last night, I had to take this with the self timer and tripod...it took about 25 shots to get one I liked!)


  1. we go to Dr. anna slattery at heartland primary care in lenexa. she's really great and saw Ryan every day in the hospital. Her office is in the shawnee mission med plaza off K7 & Prairie Star Pkwy if you are interested.

  2. Will has done fine with Purex perfume and dye free detergent.

  3. You don't have to use Dreft. Any kind of free & clear detergent is fine. We use All Free & Clear.

  4. You look great! Sounds like you are taking the pregnancy pretty well! Now I'm very interested in the whole birthing process and would have the same anxiety-like feelings you are having. So when you do have this baby boy, I want a posting giving the real truth about the whole birthing process,I want details lady!!! :)

    Also, too funny how it took 25 pics to get the right one, that's is definitely something I would do too so that cracked me up!