Showered With Love #2

What a fantastic weekend!  Well, other than the 5+ hours I spent on Masters homework today and the scary tornado we watched (on tv) swirl just a mile or two from our house!  But that's beside the point.

Yesterday, five of my closest friends threw me one of the best baby showers a girl could ask for!  In addition, one friend traveled from Des Moines, my in-laws came from Wichita, and my parents were here visiting all weekend!  

And I got to show off the baby's room!  My favorite part! :)

But like I said, the shower was perfect.  Baby Boy Sides was spoiled with gifts!  And now his mommy is overwhelmed and isn't sure what to do with everything!  Good thing I have about six weeks of summer vacay before he arrives to figure that out!  It might just take that long!

I think my favorite part of the shower was the handmade onesies made by each of the hosts!  No wait, it was the cake (made by only the best cake baker ever, Kristin Lynch--she made my wedding cake two years ago and I will never again buy a cake elsewhere)!  Both were pretty awesome, as was everything about the shower.

Oh, did I mention each guest brought a book in lieu of a card?  So now Baby Sides' bookshelves are full!

Here are some photos!

Not only is it the best tasting cake, but adorable as well!!
 Diaper cake
Some of the onesies

Gifts galore!
Guests had to guess Baby's birthdate!

Wonder who will be closest???

Yay for lots of Hawkeye gear!

My mom and I
Both mother-in-law and mom!

Other pregnant host, due 4 days after me!
With the hubs

Thank you friends for an amazing shower!  Baby Sides is one lucky little man!

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