A Fun Weekend

We had such a great weekend!  There wasn't one thing that made it so good - just a bunch of little things combined and the fact that we had no real plans, but sort of went with the flow instead.  Here are some highlights:

Eric Church Concert
We headed to Topeka on Friday night for the Eric Church concert, but made a dinner stop first at Free State Brewery in Lawrence.  It was the perfect little date night and we really enjoyed each others company.  The concert was great, too!  Lee Brice was the opening act, which was a nice surprise to both of us.

DUI Checkpoint
Of course I have to mention this!  On our way back from the concert on Friday, we went through a sobriety checkpoint - a mere block from our house!  I've always been curious about those things and was glad to finally experience one - sober, of course! :)  They are a big deal!  The police disguise it as road construction and put it in a location that is hard to see until you are right upon it.  Every car gets stopped, any passengers are escorted to the little "waiting" area, and the driver must perform the sobriety tests.  It seemed like there were 50+ police officers and there was even a mobile/trailer unit set up...though I'm not sure what it was used for.  Crazy stuff, I tell ya!  I waited about 15 or 20 minutes for Craig and though I knew he was fine to drive, a tiny part of me was still a bit nervous!  It was definitely a good place to people watch...I think I could have hung out there and watched the spectacle for hours!  Such an interesting experience!  And in case you're wondering, the hubs passed the breathalyzer with flying colors, but only after failing two of the sobriety tests first because he was so nervous!

Legends Shopping
Since we had no plans for Saturday, we headed to the Legends to hit up the Banana Republic outlet...something we typically do two or three times per year.  The hubs usually spends quite a bit of money there, but it's literally the only time/place he ever shops all year long!  I always enjoy our trips there because it's fun for me to help him pick out new clothes! :)  And the weather was perfect for a day outdoors at the Legends!  We even stopped in Carters and Gymboree with gift cards to spend, but came away from both empty-handed.  (Nothing that was the right size really jumped out at us, unfortunately.)

Grilling Out
Saturday evening we hung out on our deck, listened to music, and tried a new recipe - steak fajitas on the grill!  Definitely a keeper and something we will be making again!  Sitting on the deck and grilling are two of my favorite things!  I even made sponge cake with strawberries for dessert.  Yum!

Later in the evening on Saturday, we sat around our fire pit in our driveway and listened to more music.  Just myself, the hubs, and the schnauz!  The schnauz even got his own chair!

Smoked Chicken
And today, we finally tested out the smoker Craig got for Christmas!  We attempted a beer-can chicken and it turned out pretty good!  Can't wait to smoke some more meat throughout the summer!

It's hard to believe next weekend is the official kick-off to summer!  I say, bring it on!  Summer means lots more great weekends to come!

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