Nursery: Almost Finished Product!

Our chair finally arrived last Tuesday!  And now I think it's safe to assume the nursery is complete!  Well, with the exception of the ottoman.  We decided to order that a few weeks after ordering the chair...but it's just a small detail in the grand scheme of things.

I love it so much!  I just went and sat in the chair one night this week.  It's definitely my new "happy place" in our house.  Here are some pics!

Might replace the b-a-b-y letters with his name...we'll see!

I just love these bookshelves!

Got a breathable bumper, but it covers up part of the bedding. :(

Scrapbook on the wall = Pinterest idea!

Mommy's DIY projects - diaper box totes and closet dividers
Found these on Etsy...and created my own!  Of course, Kinnick's name will be replaced with Baby's!

More Pinterest ideas...footprints will be Baby's real footprints!
Now, all we need is a baby!

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