Big Weekend, Bigger Week!

This is a BIG week in the Sides' household.  Even bigger than our weekend!  Why, you ask?  Well...later today we will find out if Baby Sides' cousin (aka Baby Copeland, my sister's baby) is a BOY or GIRL!!  I am so excited!  I thought boy all along, but have recently changed my mind and am going with girl.  Only a few more hours until we know!

On Friday, we will find out if Baby Sides' cousin on the Sides' side (weird...) is a BOY or GIRL!  Not only that, but we get to meet him/her, as well!  Craig's sister, Monica, has a planned c-section.  It's her third baby, but that doesn't mean we're not excited to meet Baby Mucciaccio #3!  We're headed to Wichita this weekend to do just that!  Again, I'm betting on a girl.  (She already has two boys...third has got to be a girl, right??)

I'm so excited that Baby Sides will have a cousin so close in age on each side!  I'm really hoping one of those cousins is the same sex.  It'll be just my luck that both cousins are one, and ours is the other.  Regardless, I'm sure they'll be the best of friends!

Can't wait for your big news Trisha and Monica!

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