Why, Yes They Are!

So, this morning I went to Starbucks for my traditional Friday drink.  It's been forever since I've been between Christmas break, my new Keurig, and not feeling well in December.  The barista (is that what they're called?) mentioned not seeing me in awhile and I told her I've been on break.  When she said it seemed even longer than that, I said "Well I'm pregnant and tried to avoid caffeine for awhile."  She congratulated me, asked how far along I was, told me I look great, etc., and then said something that caught me off guard.  "Are your boobs getting bigger?"  No worries, she did pre-empt the question with "Can I ask you something kind of personal?"  Weird!  I think she was implying that she barely recognized me because of my boob size!  Even weirder!  She then reminisced about her days of pregnancy and remembering all the fun, and not-so-fun, side effects.

To answer the question, yes, they are getting bigger...something I always wished for when I was younger.  But, believe me, it's not a fun side-effect.  They hurt like crazy and I've resorted to sleeping in a bra.  I've already gone out once and bought all new bras, up an entire size.  And I have a feeling this isn't the end of it.  Nor will it be the end of the weird pregnancy comments from the public.  Good thing I can laugh about it!

On the plus side, I have my brand name Bella Band on today.  I love it!  It's a thousand times better than the generic one from Target!  So, future mommies, spend the extra money and order one from here.  I have the grey one but am thinking about ordering another white one.  Who wouldn't love to wear their jeans unbuttoned all the time?!  It's amazing.

TGIF and have a great weekend!

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