14 Weeks: Hello 2nd Trimester!

Have I mentioned I have a new found love for Mondays?  One, I love being able to tick another week off the pregnancy checklist!  Each week feels like such an accomplishment and takes me that much closer to all the upcoming fun!  Oh, and also, The Bachelor is back on.  Love this show!  No matter what happens when I have a kid, I will never give up The Bachelor...ever.  Even if I have to dvr it and watch 10 minutes per day, seven days of the week, I WILL continue to watch this train wreck of a show!  That's how much I love it. :)  Anyway, on to my weekly update!

How Far Along: 14 Weeks

Size of Baby:
A lemon  (~3.4 inches long and weighs ~1.5 ounces)

Officially in my 2nd trimester!  Yay!

What's Happening:
Baby Sides might be sucking his/her thumb and wiggling his/her toes!  He/she is also growing peach-fuzz-like hair in order to stay warm.  The kidney, spleen, and liver are each doing their jobs at this point, as well.  

Well, according to the bump.com, I should finally be getting my appetite back.  Wait...what?  I've had a pretty good appetite for the past 10 weeks!  On a positive note, other than a few moments of nausea throughout the past week (due to an empty stomach-duh), I've been feeling great!  My face has broken out more than normal, but three extra pimples isn't much to complain about. 

Candy.  I want things that are sweet and sour.  Laffy taffy, sour straws, etc, = yummy in my tummy! 

5 week countdown.  I'm still thinking girl...but if it's a boy, I'll be super excited about the bedding!  Ha!

Haven't felt anything.

I'm sleeping pretty well, but typically get up twice every night to pee!  Crazy how that happens!

Still wearing my normal clothes, but I did buy a couple of Bella Bands (one brand name, one generic).  They allow me to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans unbuttoned.  (Kind of nice after a large meal!)  Some people rave about them, others aren't impressed.  The verdict is still out on my opinion of the little elastic band.  I also had to go out and buy a new assortment of bras.  Holy cow, those things grow during pregnancy!

What I Miss:
Just the usual (i.e. beer).

Best Moment This Week:
Sharing the news with my students!  They are so funny, sweet, and caring.  Many of the girls gave me hugs and even the boys seem genuinely happy for me!  It's funny to hear the boys tell me "congrats!"  And, of course, there is no shortage of name suggestions from them.  Many of their own names, but also crazy names like Jamal, LaFonda, Bernice, and more I can't think of!  One student asked who the father was.  What?  Are you serious?  (I think he was joking...) 

Looking Forward To...
Everything the second trimester has to offer...my first baby bump, learning the sex, beginning the nursery, registering, etc.!

Happy to be back in school because that means make-up in my pictures! :)

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