Big Weekend

It was a productive weekend in the Sides' household.  Number one, we got Baby's room all painted!  I've known for a few weeks what I wanted; it was just a matter of taking the time to get it done.  Last weekend, the burnt orange office walls were painted gray.  This weekend, we measured, taped, measured some more, and painted subtle gray stripes over the already gray walls.  Same exact shade of gray, but semi-gloss instead of flat.  There were a few stressful and confusing moments, but overall it wasn't even that bad of a process.  And it turned out exactly as I had hoped!!  We love it!!!!

Putting together laser level #1 - it got returned because it was a worthless piece of crap

It did come with these really sweet goggles though...

Round two - hope this one actually projects solid lines!

The beginning of a long process.

See the sweet laser beam?  I can't imagine attempting this without!

Meanwhile, the schnauz did this.

This because my job because the hubs hated it.  I thought it was sort of fun.

Proud that I'm actually helping!

And then the schnauz did this.

My genius arrows telling us where to paint.  Hubs made fun...he was just jealous he didn't think of it.

Wall #1 taped and ready to go!

24 hours later, we're done!  And it looks amazing!

Hubs even re-painted the closet white.

And painted the wooden shelves and rod white.

Can't wait to start filling this with baby clothes!

We already have a closet full of baby gear!  (Hand-me-downs from friends)

Number two reason the weekend was a productive one: the hubs installed a new ceiling fan in Baby's room.  The one we had was pretty disgusting.  It was supposed to be white, but it was so old, it was turning yellow.  He thought Baby deserved better.

There it is!
And the final reason this weekend was so productive: we ordered baby furniture!  Yes, 17 weeks may still seem early to do so, but I'm not a patient person.  I wanted to get it done!  I want to start decorating as soon we learn the baby's sex!  (3 weeks and counting!) 

We ended up buying a set from Buy Buy Baby.  We got a crib and 5-drawer chest.  The crib is in stock, but we need a truck to haul it home.  Until then, at the store it sits.  The chest is on back order and will arrive in a few weeks.  I can't wait until the furniture is put together and in the nursery!  It's seeming more and more real each day!
Here is the set we got!
I'm a week behind on my weekly updates, but it's hard to stay motivated when I feel like nothing changes.  Still have no baby bump, still feel the same, still can't feel the baby...but I promise to start updating regularly again soon!

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