Update: Grad School

As of Monday, I've completed 21 of 36 hours towards my masters degree!  Woo hoo!  It seems like just yesterday when it all began...remember how nervous I was?  And now you're looking at Mrs. 4.0 straight A student.  Let's be realistic though, how hard is that, really?  With these classes, I feel like if you do the work, you automatically get an A.  But...I will make myself feel better and say it's because I'm awesome. :)  Regardless, I'm just happy I'm over half-way done!

I started another 3-hour, 7-week class this week that will end around Spring Break time.  I'm taking another 3-hour class from then until sometime in May.  I'm a bit nervous for these two terms because they are hard-core education classes.  My last few have been electives (electives=easy).  I haven't taken one of the required education classes since last summer...when I was not also teaching 40+ hours a week.  Or pregnant.  But I'll just keep-on-a-truckin'!  And hope it's all over soon!

I plan to continue one class per session through Summer Session I (the end of June), and then I'll take a break.  (You know, to have a baby and all.)  At that time, if all goes as planned, I'll only have two classes to go!  Between summer and maternity leave, I hope to finish sometime next fall.

So, there's my update!  Can't wait til I can cash in (literally) on this additional degree! 

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