Santa's Lap 2016

Call me crazy but one of the first things on my to-do list upon bringing Rhett home from the hospital was make a trip to see Santa.  I preferred to take him before the winter germs were out in full force and before it was crazy cold, so at just one-day post hospital discharge, we headed to Von Maur for our first-ever Santa photo with three kids!

Three things to remember about this visit:

one // Rhett was a whopping 3 days old!  Santa referred to him as "fresh out of the oven".

two // Holden told us for days leading up to this visit that he was going to be a big boy.  He looks at all of our old Santa pictures (where he's crying) and told us he was not going to cry this year.  (You can see how that went below.)

three // When we pulled into the parking lot of Von Maur (a 15-minute drive from our house), Brantley asked as serious as can be "Is this the North Pole?"

Kids sure make life exciting, right?!

Old Santa pictures:
2012 // 2013 // 2014 // 2015


  1. Gahhh!!! This is so precious! And bless Holden's brave little heart (the crying sure ups the cuteness factor though hehe)

  2. HAHAHAHA. Is this the North Pole? You're like "kid, we were here yesterday." LOL. And Santa... "fresh out of the oven." Ok then! lol

  3. I am pretty sure this is the sweetest photo I've seen this holiday. A sleeping baby in Santa's arms is the very best.

  4. Fresh out of the oven. HA! Oh, Santa!
    In other news. I freaking love this photo. It's perfect!

  5. We just went to see this same santa (for the 6th year!). My son asked the same question when we pulled into the parking lot... Is this the North Pole. He is 3 and we literally live 3 miles away - haha! What a cute picture :)

  6. There is always no crying for Holden next year as I'm sure that it will be Rhett's turn. & Brantley, what a lil man. :)

  7. This is precious! Every time we've been to see Santa this year, Wyatt has asked where his sleigh is....ummmmm....hiding???

  8. This is adorable. I love the notes you added. It will be fun to look back on this in a few years!