Want-Need-Wear-Read 2016

Like last year, we are sticking with the want-need-wear-read rule when it comes to Christmas gifts for our kids.  We already have toys galore and I'm all about keeping it simple.  As I mentioned in this previous post, the older boys' lists are very similar, which made shopping a bit easier.  As for Rhett, I planned on getting him a couple of books and nothing else, but then I started to feel bad (I mean, what's he going to think when he reads this post in 15 years?! 😐) so I added a few things to my Amazon cart and decided to get him a need gift to match the others.  Here's a peak at what each of our boys will be getting this year.


Gas Out Game - I mentioned how big of a hit this game was when we gifted it at a birthday party last month.  I have a feeling it's going to be a house-favorite among all of the Sides boys...even the 38-year old!

Coleman Kids Sleeping Bag - I already can't wait for next summer when they can use these in our tent in the backyard!  In the meantime, perhaps we can have a winter camp out in our living room!

Iowa Baseball Cap and "Big" Socks - Both boys have outgrown their current Iowa caps and Brantley has been obsessing over "big socks" lately.

The Fort that Jack Built and Mix It Up - The first book was recommended by a blog friend in a recent post (thanks Colleen!) and the second, written by the same author as a house favorite of ours, will surely be a hit since Brantley has been super interested lately in knowing what color is made when mixing two others.


Melissa & Doug Monster Plush Bowling Set  - This has been on my list for Holden for months...I think it's the cutest!  And now maybe they'll stop asking for plastic cups to bowl with?

Coleman Kids Sleeping Bag - Same story as above.

Iowa Baseball Cap and "Big" Socks - I told you it was easy when your boys have the same interests!

Dragons Love Tacos and Let's Play - Holden needs some big boy books and both of these get great reviews on Amazon.


Manhattan Toy Baby Beads Wooden Rattle & Teether - Totally guessing on what he wants 😉 but seeing that we already have all the baby toys, I thought this may be a nice alternative.

Coleman Kids Sleeping Bag - Might as well get one to match the other boys', right?!

Goumiboots Soft Stay On Booties and Carters Baby Joggers - Confession: We didn't put shoes (or socks) on our other boys' feet for months into their lives.  (You can do that with July and April babies.)  But seeing that it's December and people will judge us big time if our baby goes barefoot, I ordered these booties from Amazon.  They are supposed to grow with your child's feet and get good reviews.  And the joggers?  Well, I'm pretty much obsessed with joggers and they will pair nicely with all of the onesies we have, that again, our kids wore with nothing else throughout their early months in the summer!  And duh - Amazon prime of both of these items sealed the deal.

My Very First Book of Colors and Where is Baby's Belly Button? - I love me some Eric Carle books and the one about belly buttons looks adorable!

Oh, and I can't forget their big Santa gift this year.  This 6-foot canvas teepee.

Do you follow the want-need-wear-read rule?  I would love to know what your kids are getting!


  1. Great gifts!! You are going to have very happy boys on Christmas morning!! I know what you mean about no socks for the first, but when you have a winter baby it's frowned upon to not have them. People and their judgement.

  2. hahaha at the gas out game. I have a feeling it will be a BIG hit! :) Love that you guys stick to this--then you can focus on the TRUE meaning for the season

  3. Great gift ideas! Hmm, I think my husband and boys would enjoy the gas out game!

  4. We are doing something very similar this year and I'm all kinds of excited about it! I love little booties on babies. I just found some slippers for my little one and am hoping they will stay on his feet as well as his last pair :)

  5. I love the concept of this but we don't follow it - we go overboard at Christmas but I justify it by the fact that we never just randomly buy them things :) I love those sleeping bags, I've been wanting to get my kids some just for sleepovers inside LOL. I've had Dragons Love Tacos on my amazon list forever, I need to get it!

  6. Anything Melissa and Dough is good in our book! We love everything they make.