DIY Money Tree

Today I'm excited to be teaming up with a handful of my favorite blogger friends and we're sharing all kinds of DIY gift basket ideas.  Mine is technically not a basket, but a something you can quickly and easily throw together that would make for a perfect gift for a teacher, daycare provider, or possibly even your mailman who delivered all of your Christmas packages. ;)

All you need is a small artificial Christmas tree (options here and here), money/gift card envelopes (here) or mini stockings (options here and here), some red cardstock, scissors, a sharpie, and a pencil.

Start by tracing your child's hand print onto the red cardstock.  Cut it out, write their name on it with the sharpie, and stick it in the branches of the tree.  Fill the stockings or envelopes with money and stick those in the tree, as well.  And that's it!

I love this idea because it can be easily customized.  You can do cash or gift cards.  You can add small ornaments, if you'd like.  And it can be given by a single child/family (fill each stocking with a smaller amount), or you can team up with a classroom full of kids (one stocking per kid; the amount of money could be at their discretion).  This idea is just so much cuter and more festive than adding said money to a card--and the tree will double as decor after the fact!

This is what we gave our daycare provider last year and not only was it super cute with all the kids' hand prints, but we added an ornament to represent each child.  (For instance, my boys ornaments were sports-related.  Another boy's was a mini Lightning McQueen.)

If you're still on the hunt for the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, be sure to check out the blogs below for some additional DIY ideas!

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  1. Such a simple idea, but adorable. Who would like receiving a tree full of money or gift cards? Great idea!

  2. Such a cute idea! Love the handprints!

  3. I love this idea... especially for a class gift! I have two of those fake trees as decoration in my dining room, so I'm all for reusing the tree afterwards!

  4. I love doing this as a class gift or maybe from all the grandkids for grandparents. What a cute idea! And the fact that it doubles as decor is win-win!!

  5. What a genius idea! I didnt understand what you meant by "money tree" so this is so much cuter than what I had imagined lol.

  6. Such a fun idea!! This would be perfect for a teacher class gift

  7. That's such a fun idea! We did something similar for our teachers this year. We asked each parent to contribute a gift card if they wanted to and put each gift card in a stocking and hung them on real mini Christmas trees. I hope they love them!

  8. Oh this is genius!!! This would totally make a great gift at preschool for the teachers. Each family could contribute a gift card or something and the teachers could have a day out on us. I love how customizable it is!

  9. Sarah!! This is such a cute idea. I love it! I received a money tree at my high school graduation, but I never thought about doing it for Christmas. Who wouldn't love this?!