5 Reasons To Get a DockATot

 While I was pregnant, I kept seeing many a mom rave about this new baby product called the DockATot.  If you're a new(ish) mother yourself, you're probably well-aware of this invention, but in case you've been living under a rock, the DockATot is a multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting, and snuggling dock for babies from newborn to 36 months.  I was intrigued by this "baby bed" of sorts (reminded me of my Snoogle!) but thought the $165 price tag was a bit hefty.  Fast forward a few months and I'm in love with ours!  Here are five reasons you need a DockATot in your life!

1. The smaller, cozy environment mimics the mother's womb and helps the baby feel snug and comforted.  Visit DockATot's website and you'll see hundreds of reviews suggesting the DockATot is the reason behind countless sleeping babies!  I can't necessarily vouch for this, as we've somehow been blessed with yet another good sleeper of a babe--DockATot or not--but this is where Rhett spends most of his time (when not being held, of course) and I do think he finds a lot of comfort in the small, compact area of the DockATot. 

2. It is easily transportable.  Upstairs, downstairs, in a hotel, at Grandma's house...wherever you need it, the DockATot can be easily taken with you!  It's small, lightweight, and has handles for easy transport.  Much better than lugging a Pack 'n Play along and bonus, there's no set-up required!

3. It takes up minimal space.  Most of our baby products (Rock & Play, Pack & Play, swing, bouncer) seem to take over our house, but the DockATot sits nicely, out of the way, in a corner of our living room and doesn't require massive amounts of space.

4. It is all natural, 100% cotton, 100% breathable, hypoallergenic, and non-heat harboring, which means it creates the perfect micro climate for baby.  In addition, the DockATot has been safety tested above and beyond any other baby sleeping product on the market.  It is safe for co-sleeping (if that's your thing) and transitioning your little one from their crib to toddler/big kid bed!  It is also machine washable.  Within one week, our poor DockATot had been peed on multiple times.  What is it with newborns peeing out of their diapers?  Anyway, I was able to throw it in the washing machine and a few hours later, it was as good as new!  (Make sure you follow DockATot's care instructions when washing to avoid damage, shrinking, etc.)

5. It makes for cute photos!  Okay, perhaps not a real reason to buy one of these, but seriously, I can't stop taking pictures of Rhett and it seems many of the pictures are in the DockATot...mainly because that's where he hangs out for much of the day!

Make sure you check out DockATot's website for countless other benefits and if you are interested in purchasing a DockATot of your own, go here.

Disclosure: I was given a free DockATot in exchange for a blog post--but all opinions are my own.


  1. The Dock A Tot seems so awesome! It will definitely be on my baby #2 wishlist (when that time comes!). Also, I want to say how you have been killing it with photos lately. Your photography impresses and inspires me.

  2. I WISH I knew about DockaTot when Mason was born. Did it even exist then?? Who knows, but dang, if we ever have another kid (which is unlikely but never say never lol), I am FOR SURE getting one of these!

  3. Love seeing all the new sweet babies in Dock A Tots! And you can just send me yours in a year when you're finished with it! ;)

  4. This is definitely a new to me product (unless Im just completely clueless since Brielana is only 2.5 lol) It sure does look comfy.

  5. I washed mine the other day and was so happy about that zip all around bit...so convenient. Now getting it squished back in was a little harder and I could have used just one more hand, but way easier than I was thinking before I realized it did zip all the way around. Love ours!