Toddler Talk: Brantley Said What?

I did one of these a year ago with the intentions of doing a similar post every couple of months.  But  Anyway, I'm back with another edition of Toddler Talk: Brantley Said What?  I know these might seem minute, or even dumb, to some people, but this age is just so hilarious and I never want to forget the funny little things my kids say!

Brantley age 3 to 3 1/2:

B: Ewwww gross, I smell poop!  It sninks!  (Stinks)

Me: I like the gel in your hair.
B: It's spicy.....spikey!

Later that evening...
Me: You looked so handsome today with gel in your hair.
B: It was hikey!

Me: Brantley, please don't stand on your chair.  You need to stay on your booty.
B: The police will be mad?
Me:  Just Mommy and Daddy...

B: I want to go to our old house sometime.
Me: Why? What's wrong with our new house?
B: It's creepy!
Me: Do you even know what creepy means?
B: Yeah, liiiiiiike.....monsters.

{While driving home from daycare one evening}
Me: Brantley, I can't get the toy you dropped while I'm driving.  I have to pay attention to the traffic so I don't run into another car.
B: But the monster trucks do it.
Me: But the monster trucks are big.  Mommy's car is little.
B: Daddy's car is big like the monster trucks??

{Upon noticing his bed was wet}
Me: Brantley, why is your bed wet? Did you dump the water from your sippy?
B: No, Mommy! It's sneeze!

{While driving and hearing the un-Velcro of his shoes}
Me: Brantley, please don't take your shoes off.  That will make me really sad.
B: I'm just getting the tongue!
(How he knows the tongue of a shoe is beyond me!)

{Singing Frosty the Snowman}
B: Frosty the Snowman, was a jolly happy snow.

{After two separate conversations - one discussing the Rose Bowl and another discussing not living with Mommy and Daddy when he's 20}
B: When I'm 20, I want to go to the Rose Bowl with you, Mommy.  And Daddy can watch us on t.v.!

Me: Brantley, you look very handsome.
B: You're not handsome, Mommy.  You're beautiful!
(Heart. melted.)

{Recalling anything in the past}
B: We went there last night!

B: Mommy, are there two Iowas?
Me: Huh?
B: Because there's football Iowa and [Grandma and Papa's] house Iowa.  That's so crazy!

{While driving to Daddy's office one day}
B: Who works in that building next to Daddy?
Me: I don't know...
B: Maybe it's Donald Duck 
(Craig attended a work conference in Orlando in September and brought back a couple of souvenirs from Disney World, or "Mickey Mouse's house" as we told him.  This is all we can make sense of the Donald Duck comment!)

B: (Sighing) I tired.  Can I go take a nap?

And let's end with the things a 3-year old probably shouldn't say...

B: What the heck?!

B: Oh, dang it! 

B: I said idiot!!


  1. You just never know whats going to come out of a boys mouth... makes me nervous sometimes in public! ha!!

  2. LOL love reading these kind of things! I keep track of stuff like this, too. Except, with Beck, he says incorrect things all the time (i.e. "to each their own!" is "each of your own!" and so on. I have a list in my phone. When I have kids I'll definitely keep track of these silly things =]


  3. Kid quotes are my favorite posts! 'Sninks' is hilarious! My 18 month old says 'nacks' for snacks and it just tickles me :)

  4. I LOVE what comes out of little kids mouths. It's HILARIOUS!!
    "It's sneeze!" Hahaha, that one had me laughing out loud.

  5. I love all of these but when he said that you were beautiful, heart totally melted. How sweet. :)

  6. Too cute!!! I love little kid talk! They are so funny and say whatever comes to mind!

  7. "It's sneeze!" LOL! I love this post...I can just hear his little voice saying all of it!

  8. Things that kids say will always be one of my favorite things ever!! They are so unpredictable, hilarious and often times embarrassing (in public). My favorite the "house is creepy...liiiike monsters." :) Too cute!

  9. Oh my goodness, the things these little people come up with and say. Ha! I love it. It's one thing that makes this age so much fun :)