Take That, Stitch Fix

After my less-than-stellar Stitch Fix #10, I did what any shop-a-holic would do....I went elsewhere!  Have I mentioned my adoration for Old Navy?  Once or 29 times, perhaps?  I thought so. ;)

I generally hit up Old Navy (in a major way) two or three times per year.  I was hoping for (like I requested in my SF) some tunics and/or dresses that I could wear to school with leggings, because let's be honest, a dress + leggings is a way better option than any pair of dress pants!  I found exactly what I was looking for...and then some!  I basically hit the Old Navy jackpot....again.  At prices about 1/4 the cost of SF.  So yeah, take that, Stitch Fix.

Seriously, these are such great deals and because I like sharing a good deal, here's what I got!  Sizes and color options are limited.

Women's Printed Shift Dress (in navy blue print) | $15

Fleece V-Neck Shift Dress (in medium blue heather color) | $17

Long Sleeve Swing Dress (in black print) | $15

Space Dye Swing Dress (in gray marl color) | $15

Plaid Mandarin Collared Tunic (in white plaid) | $14.97
(out of stock online, but other color/print options available)

Women's Supersoft Tunic (in mariana trench color) | $15

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Cute picks! I love Old Navy, but far too many times I end up bypassing the women's section to hit up the toddler section instead. They've got some great stuff right now, so I think I need to do some "me" shopping ASAP!

  2. Great picks!! Love that collared tunic! I used to be sad that we couldn't get stitch fix in Canada but lately I haven't been wow'd by people's stitch fix posts... I mean the price of stuff is outrageous!! What was it $78 leggings?! LOL what a joke! I think you're doing better with old Navy! XO

  3. I LOVE your picks!!! I went into Old Navy the other day when I was early to a dinner date with a friend and they were having a major sale so I was excited but it was SO picked over and I left disappointed. Guess I know where I'm going today... old navy.com!

  4. Love all their shift & swing dresses. Unfortunately I need nursing friendly (open top) dresses, and Old Navy rarely seems to have those styles.

  5. I haven't done any shopping for me at Old Navy in a while. My kid, on the other hand, are an entirely different story. Clearly I need to take a look at some goodies for myself. Awesome finds!!

  6. Cute picks! I love that black/white tunic! Mim has a similar one from Old Navy, so maybe I need to get that so we match!!

  7. Old Navy for the win!!! I love every single one of these...too bad I just spent my life savings on toddler clothes there last week. Eeeek.

  8. WOW-- you did hit the jackpot! These are some stellar finds...the dresses are my fave. :)

    P.S. Just found your blog through Laura @ Tiny Toes, Little Nose. Looking forward to following along!

  9. Old Navy and I get in serious trouble on a regular basis. I was grandfathered in years ago for free shipping on anything for any gap inc store. It's takes my online shopping up so many levels! Love the tunics!