6 Things Right Now

Confession: I've done a horrible job at continuing to document the monthly/yearly updates for my boys.  I made it through each of their first years no problem and even continued somewhat of a consistent schedule for Brantley through age 2.5.  However, a 3-year update never made it to the blog, nor did my intended 14-month, 16-month, or 21-month updates for Holden.  I regret not following through with these posts, but at the same time, they are my least favorite posts to write!!  They are both time and thought-consuming, and I'm always afraid of omitting one minor detail, so it's easier in my mind to not post!  Anyone else feel that way?

Anyway, I may have fallen off the wagon with these monthly/yearly updates, but I'm not going to beat myself up over it.  However, there are certain things I want to remember about each stage of life, so I'm adopting a 6 Things post where I post six things about each of the boys' current stages of life.

Age: 3 1/2

1 | You've always been somewhat of a picky eater, but you're becoming a little more adventurous in the food department in recent months!  You will ask to try things that Daddy and I are eating (recently, salmon) and to my surprise, you don't always spit it out!  There is still a lot you refuse to eat (or even try), but we seem to be making progress, which is great!  Fruits are still a favorite by far and to my surprise, you also enjoy spicy foods--wings and hot salsa included!
2 | Your conversation is insane!!  It's hard to recognize the changes when we interact on a daily basis, but when I think about how far you've come in the last year and even in the last six months, it blows my mind!  You speak in full sentences and your thoughts are so complete, versus the small phrases you would say in the past.  You utter words that we have no idea how you know and Daddy and I just look at each other and smile.  I love chatting with you and listening to the ideas form in your mind.

3 | You are obsessive about things...and not always in a good way!  For instance, you might be looking for one specific bouncy ball in a house where there are 39 more, but you can't focus on anything else until you find that one ball.  Or, you misplace a toy you had five minutes prior and again, the world basically stops revolving until you find that specific toy.  One time, you went to bed with your favorite basketball and woke up overnight in hysterics because you had misplaced the basketball....even though it was simply an arm reach away.

4 | Your memory is amazing.  I think I said the same thing a year ago, but it truly is.  You remember the most minute of details.  A couple of examples: Daddy was in Boston last week and while Facetiming one evening, you asked where Grace was.  (Grace is the daughter of Daddy's boss and mentioned by Daddy no more than one time!)  Upon Daddy arriving home five days later, you immediately asked where your special toy was - the one Daddy promised to bring you from the airport.

5 |  You're still a lover of all things sports.  You recently started on a Saturday morning "baketball" team and you love it!  At home, you ask us to cheer for you while you shoot hoops in your Little Tikes basketball goal.  You also tell us you want to play with the Jayhawks someday.  However, come baseball season, I'm sure you'll be nothing but a Royal, as your preferred sport still seems to match whatever sport is in season at the time!  Except that, when asked, you insist that your favorite sport is tennis....

6 | You always want "one more hug and kiss."  Whether you're leaving for daycare with Daddy, or getting dropped off in the kids area at church, you ask for "one more."  Although I'm often in a hurry, I'm also very happy to oblige.

Age: 21 Months

1 | You are, and never have been, fond of strangers.  You love all things familiar and you are not one to wander far from your Mommy and/or Daddy.  We recently started attending a church by our house and we drop you off in the nursery.  Two out of three weeks we've attended, we've had to come to your rescue because you simply won't stop crying in the nursery.  Which is fine, except that on the big screen flashes "Will the parents of H.Sides please come to the nursery?"  However, we refuse to give in to your refusal of the nursery, so we will keep on trying until you learn eventually that we will always come back and get you!

2 | You want to do anything and everything your brother does!  He gets a bowl of cereal, you want a bowl of cereal.  He gets his baseball bat to practice his batting, you find the other bat and assume the batter-up position.  He goes and hides from us, you go hide with him.  You definitely look up to him and you are his biggest fan!  You also have a heart of gold when it comes to your brother.  Though he's not the best at sharing, when fighting over a toy, you often hand it over to him, which is seriously the sweetest thing ever.

3 | You don't communicate a lot, but you understand everything we say!  We were slightly concerned at one point over your lack of words, but your comprehension totally makes up for that, and then some!  We've been told it's a second child thing and many of my friends report similar stories.  You will repeat and mimic a lot of what we say, but you just don't offer many words on your own.  However, there's one phrase we hear over and over again.  "Meeeaaaa Mama" is your way of saying "Please, Mama" and you say it in the sweetest little voice.  It's definitely one of my most favorite things about you at this age!

4 | You can be very feisty.  I think I remember saying the same thing about you as an infant, but seriously, if there's something you don't want to do, you're not afraid to let us know.  A favorite word is "No" and you shout and repeat it over and over again when you feel strongly about something.  Holden, do you want to sing a song with me?  Nooooo!!!!  Holden, do you want to dance?  Nooooo!!!!  Holden, show me your silly face.  Nooooooo!!!  Holden, are you done with dinner!  Noooo!!!

5 | You love to show off your independence.  You get mad when we don't let you brush your teeth by yourself, you prefer to buckle yourself in your highchair and car seat, and you only want to read the books that you choose.

6 | It's not often that I am the last one to arrive home for the evening, but it does happen on occasion.  Lately and whenever I'm the last to arrive, you literally drop what you're doing, run to me, and give me the biggest hug.


  1. I so agree with you!!! I'm working on a 3 1/2 year old update on Mason right now and it's taking me FOR-EVER. And like you said, I'm afraid of forgetting one single detail, which I think is why it's taking me so long to write! I'm hoping to post on Monday... you know, two weeks late. I like the format that you're doing though!

  2. I'm with you. You did much better with this post than I did with my 2.5 year update for Mila - I definitely didn't put much of an effort into it! These posts are my least favorite to write, but my favorite to look back on - so I can't NOT post them. Your boys are both so adorable and sound like such sweet kids. :)

  3. Love this update!!!! Two things- don't give up on the church nursery!!! Both my kids took a while to adjust and now they love it! And Holden and his words- girl we need to talk about this because maddie says like 3 (maybe) and now she's started biting people at day care!! Crazy lady- I just thought she'd talk so much sooner as a girl but not the case!!!! Every kid is different and maybe maddie and Holden can use their awesome understanding to communicate with each other behind our backs ;)

  4. Those eyelashes on Holden - holy crap! I'd kill for eyelashes like that. :)

    Your boys are so stinkin' adorable. Brantley is just a lil goof. Ha!

  5. Seriously, we're raising the same kids just different genders lol ;)

  6. I've seriously slacked on this with the kiddos too. Love how you did this though. They're both so precious!