Announcing...Foodie for a Year {Link Up}!

Two things about me:  I love blogging and I love cooking.  

So I'm extra excited to announce that this year I'm co-hosting a bimonthly recipe link-up with a few of my blogger friends!  The idea is simple.  Join us in sharing a recipe on the first Tuesday of every other month beginning in February.  Each link-up will be centered around a theme appropriate to that time of year.  Our hope is that you gain a few new recipes, we gain a few, and everyone has fun in the process!

If you're a planner like myself, here is the list of the dates!  Put them on your calendar now, start thinking about your recipes, and don't forget to come back and link up with us!
Share anything Valentine's related.  It could be something red, something pink, something heart-shaped, or even a homemade Valentine's dinner you and your significant other enjoy in an attempt to avoid the restaurants on what's generally one of the busiest date nights of the year.

Tis the season for brunch!  Though Easter will be over and done by then (it's early this year), Mother's Day will be just around the corner!  Share a brunch-related recipe!

Got a favorite thing to grill?  How about a summery salad or side dish?  We want to hear it!

With August comes the craziness that is back to school and back to the grind for many people.  Share one of your quick and easy weeknight go-tos!

Fall and slow-cookers go together like peanut butter and jelly, no?  Share a favorite slow-cooker meal and let's all rejoice in the fact that coming home to a hot meal is basically the next best thing since sliced bread!

The holidays aren't the holidays without all those goodies that add an extra ten pounds!  So why not add a few more recipes to your collection?  Share a favorite holiday goodie!

I'm always on the hunt for new recipes, so I especially hope you'll join us in sharing a few of your favorites!

Courtney @ Sweet Turtle Soup
Whitney @ Work It Mommy


  1. YAY! So excited to host with you and to see everyone's recipes!

  2. SO excited about this link up and so excited to co host with you!!!

  3. Im thinking Im going to be gaining a few extra pounds this year lol. Cant wait to start cooking!

  4. Looooooove this!! This is perfect to push me to bake/cook something different than what's in our boring old rotation. Also. Love that there are dates associated with each link up (rather than the third Wednesday of each month, unless there's a full moon, then the 2 Friday of every month). This makes is a zillion times easier to plan!

  5. oh now that is a good announce post! You covered everything, great job. Next time you can write mine, okay =)

  6. Can I share freezer meal recipes?! LOL. Just kidding...kind of :)

  7. I'm excited about this and can't wait to find some new recipes!!