Toddler Talk: Brantley Said What?

I swear Brantley gets funnier by the day!  He's constantly cracking me up at the things he says!  And because I never want to forget them, it's time for another edition of Toddler Talk: Brantley Said What?

Brantley at 29 Months:

{Upon hearing the dishwasher running}
Where's that noise?

{Upon pulling the bottle of grape jelly from the fridge}
Blueberry mustard!

Look, you guys!
(Ummmm...when and why did he start calling us 'You guys'?!)

{While drinking a Sonic slushi through a straw}
It not working, Mama!

{When trading Holden toys so he could play with the one that Holden had}
What about that, Hol-nen?

{While driving by a farm in Iowa}
Deanna Rose!!!!

{While driving around to look at Christmas lights}
Oh my goodness!  
{And then}

{Discussing the meaning of stop lights}
Me: Red means...
B: Stop!
Me: Green means...
B: Go!
Me: Yellow means...
B: Go faster!

B: Where Daddy?
Me: At home.
B: Watching the Jayhawks?
Me: No
B: The Beefs? (Chiefs)
Me: No
B: The Hawkeyes?

{Yelling across our backyard to the neighbor kids, out of nowhere I might add}
Be nice to Kinnick!
(They do have a history of tormenting him...)

Oh, mam!!
(Instead of 'Oh man!')

{When asking for ice cubes}
Ice, Ice Baby

Daddy: Holla at your boy!
B: Peace!

{Me pretending to touch Gordon, our elf on the shelf}
No touch him, Mama!!!!!!!


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