Family Photos - Fall 2015

This new blog design has me wanting to blog and blog and blog!  Funny how that happens!  Or maybe I just have more to blog about now than in the month of September??

I already mentioned that we had family photos taken a couple of weekends ago.  For once, I planned way ahead and scheduled the photos in June!  I also started putting together outfits shortly thereafter. I was inspired by the color scheme in my friend Brittany's most recent family photos and knew I wanted to follow suit.  I found a shirt for myself over the summer and purchased (and returned) no fewer than 20 shirts for the boys.  I don't know why decisions like that are so hard for me, but I changed my mind about 6 times!

I also decided to try a new photographer.  We used the same one for our past three sessions (Holden's newbornfall 2014 family photos, and Holden's 1-year session).  Overall, I was really pleased with her photos, but she was not very reliable, which is a total deal-breaker for me.  Don't tell me you'll have the photos done in three weeks if it's more like six.  Don't leave your photo props or lenses at my house two out of three times.  And most of all, don't arrive late to every session!!  Anyway, choosing a new photographer was a very stressful thing for me.  Having dabbled in photography myself, I am very picky when it comes to photos and very specific about what I want.  I also can't justify paying $300+ for photos, so that's an added challenge.  I decided to trust my gut and go with Whitney Revelle Photography.  I liked what I saw of her photos and she was the most reasonably-priced I found.  To say I'm glad I went with her is a huge understatement!  I love, love, love the photos. Probably more than I've ever loved our family photos before.  I will definitely be using Whitney for our future sessions!!

I know some people like to save the results of their photos until sending out Christmas cards.  But I am not one of those people.  I like to share, share, share.  And when there's something I'm excited about, I want to share sooner than later.  So without further ado, here are our fall 2015 family photos (13 of my favorite anyway!).  Would you believe I've already placed my Christmas card order?  #truestory #itsstilloctober

Links to past family photos:


  1. Love everything about this...the new design, the pics, AND the Christmas cards! YAY! :)

  2. SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those boys are too much.


  3. These are all so adorable!! You guys are all so cute!

  4. These are fabulous pictures!!!! Glad my outfit planning could give you a bit of inspiration :) hopefully mine look as good as your pics when all the outfits come together!!! And love the new design friend!!!!! Now if I could just find a moment to blog!!

  5. Ps the boy's collars are amazing and so cute! Make them look so old!

  6. LOVE the new blog design and LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures!!! They came out great!