Family Photos - Fall 2014

In October, we headed to the Nelson Atkins for a family photo session.  I hated the family photos taken during Holden's newborn session.  Mainly because I still looked about six months pregnant--which, I know, is normal--but I also hated my hair...and outfit...and the terrified look on my face as a new mother of two.  There was no way those pictures were going on our wall, so naturally I was looking forward the photo session six months later.  You know, after those pregnancy pounds had been shed and life had returned to "normal".  Here are a few of my favorites!

Our Family

 Brantley | 2 years 3 months
{Side note: Someone please teach my child how to smile...}

  Holden | 6 Months (on the dot!)
{Those eyes, those lashes...I melt.}

 The Brothers
{Could they be any cuter?  Proud Mama right here!}

All photos courtesy of Sarah Ireland Photography.


  1. They are so, so good!!! Love the family shots & you are right, those are some beautiful eyes & eyelashes!!!!

  2. These look so good- hang them everywhere in your house ;) seriously though I feel the same way and am looking forward to our family session dec 13! How is Holden already so old?!??