Royal Pumpkins

Last year, we made a special trip to the Plaza just to see the blue fountain and commemorate the Royals in the World Series.  This year, we haven't seen the fountain, but our KC pride still runs deep.  

For the second year in a row, the Royals are playing in the biggest series of them all - the World Series.  It all begins tonight.  Game 1 versus the New York Mets.  It's been a wild ride to get where they are today, but, man, do these boys in blue deserve it!  I have no feeling on whether they're going to win or lose....and unlike last year, us fans have some pretty high expectations, but nonetheless, KC is thrilled to be in national spotlight once again.

I decided that instead carving our pumpkins this year, we would paint them.  And by 'we', I really mean 'me".  Who actually enjoys digging out pumpkin guts anyway??  Sorry, kids!

They turned out great!  Better than I could have imagined, really!  I should probably give myself more artistic credit than I do. ;)  My favorite is the Charlie Hustle inspired Heart KC pumpkin.  I thought that was super creative of me, until my husband showed me a similarly painted pumpkin on Charlie Hustle's Instagram.  To be fair, I like mine better.

I tried to snap some photos of the boys by the pumpkins.  That went well.

T minus 12 hours until first pitch!  We are excited, but honestly, win or lose this series, we'll always be #foreverroyal!


  1. Love love love love love!!!! And it better get easier - otherwise they're going to kill me. ;)

  2. Those are amazing! I love them! I especially like the lil baseball one. Adorable. & the pictures of the boys with them - well, they wouldn't be boys if they didn't take goofy pictures. Ha! :)

  3. I LOVE the pumpkins so much!!! great job friend!! And seriously LOVE the new blog design every time I visit :)

  4. Those are amazing!! And your boys cooperate much better than my two! Usually I have one looking and not the other; I'd rather have two looking with blank stares! ha! Fingers crossed they'll cooperate at some point! Now if I can just get their daddy to cooperate too!