Some Family Photos

A few weeks ago, we met our wonderful friend, Jamie, at Lake Lenexa for some family photos.  I mainly wanted one good photo for Christmas cards, but also a few three month shots of B-Man and some decent family photos for our wall.  She finished editing them and gave me the cd earlier this week!  The pictures are great, as always!  I don't love how I look...I'm always too critical of myself.  But Brantley Boy is adorable, despite not smiling.  Here are some of my faves!

Once again, a HUGE thank you to Jamie for your time and for capturing some cute shots of our sweet, little family!


  1. SO CUTE!! I have that necklace in blue, LOVE IT. it goes with everything regardless of the color :) I love the little tie too!!

  2. These are wonderful pictures!!! Love the colors in them too - great job on picking out the family wardrobe!!

  3. Thank you everyone! My friend Jamie always does such a great job! :)