I don't brag on my hubby all that often.  It's just not my style to do so.  Besides, we're not that special.  Or romantic.  He doesn't send flowers.  And we tend not to exchange gifts for special occasions (Christmas, Valentine's, even our anniversary).  And I'm totally okay with all of this.  We are both content just living our lives.  Because it makes the surprises that are few and far between that much more special.

Today marks my 31st birthday.  Unfortunately, the hubs had to leave town super early this morning (5:15am) for a work trip.  He'll be in Minneapolis until late tomorrow night, and with the exception of saying good-bye to my half-sleeping self this morning, he's missing my birthday.  Even though it's just another day out of 365 in my eyes, he felt pretty horrible about not being here to celebrate.  Especially because that means I'm on full-time mom duty.  Daycare drop off, daycare pick up, dinner, bath, bedtime, etc.  For two days.  Not a huge deal...I know that some moms do it all the time.  But he felt bad about leaving me with all the responsibility on my birthday

However, he also left me with a few surprises before he left home just to ensure that I'd felt special on my special day.  One of which was a letter from Brantley.  Pretty sure I was in tears {of laughter} while reading this thing.  And it's too good not to share.  Or document on the 'ole blog, for that matter. 

One of the main reasons I love my hubby.  He always makes me laugh!

He also left a gift from Brantley (as I'm sure you read in the letter)--an Elmo shutter buddy.  Also known as a way to bribe Brantley to look at the camera.  And little did I know when I asked for one of these squeaks!  Even better!  I might actually get Brantley and Kinnick to look at the camera together!  Never did I think my 31-year old self would be excited about a squeaking Elmo toy.  I suppose that's what having a kid does to ya... :)

And that cupcake he mentioned?  Here it is in all its glory.  It even has a cookie on top.

But shockingly, I haven't eaten it.  Because I met a friend for dinner and she brought me these...

Prego heaven! :)

Speaking of my birthday dinner, how stinkin' cute are these two boys?  Lucky girl I am to have had a dinner date with both of them!  And Hollyn, of course!

And in other birthday news, I'm buying myself a thirty-one tote for my thirty-first birthday.  It's only fitting, right?

And 31?!?!  It's been ten years since that all-exciting 21st birthday?!  How in the world is that possible?  I dug up an old picture to reminisce.  Here I am celebrating my "first" beer with my college roomies ten years ago tonight.  (Must have been taken after midnight - hence the 1/16.)

Anyway, that pretty much sums up my 31st birthday.  Like I say each year, I love getting older...the thirties don't scare me one bit and I truly think each year has gotten better and better.  I'm confident in saying that 31 is going to be yet another fabulous year!  Thank you to my hubby for making me feel extra special today, even from hundreds of miles away!

P.S. - In case you were wondering, Brantley obeyed and had no poopy diapers.  Instead, he saved it for the bathtub.  Happy birthday to me... :)

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  1. Super fun birthday! I have a similar "shutter buddy" and they do help get kids attention...that and my super squeaky toy! ;) oh...And poop-in-the-tub...what fun! Happy birthday!