Poor Doggy

My heart is breaking for our poor doggy tonight.  He suffered an accident today while playing outside in the unseasonably warm weather. Ran smack into a fence post as he was chasing a squirrel. Knocked out a few front teeth and may have suffered a few other injuries, as well. He won't eat and his nose/gums have been bleeding (slowly) all afternoon and night. We called an emergency vet who told us it was nothing that needed immediate attention and suggested we take him to our regular vet in the morning, so that's what the hubs plans to do. In the meantime, he seems to be in pain. Which just breaks my heart. After all, he is my first "baby". Craig keeps assuring me that a few missing teeth never killed a dog, and that surely there are other dogs that have done the same thing. But it was still a rough day for me. And I think for the hubs, as well.

Feel better soon, Kinnick doggy!

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  1. OMGosh! I totally missed this post or seeing it on FB (if you posted it). Poor doggie! That would be sooo heartbreaking. I'm glad he is on the mend, those doggies just go bonkers when it comes to squirrels, I can see Charley doing the exact same thing.