Kinnick Update

Thanks to those of you who emailed and texted to check on our poor doggy!  Two days later and he's doing much better!  The hubs took him to the vet yesterday morning.  The vet said he likely lost one to three teeth in the ordeal.  He gave Kinnick a pain injection, as well as some prescription soft food.  Kinnick has been scarfing it down and begging for more.  He's also eating treats again and drinking water--and acting more like his normal, squirrel-watching self!

He went back to the vet this morning and was sedated (after having blood work yesterday) so the vet could check for further damage.  He ended up having six additional teeth pulled and got a stitch in his gums.  Poor dog!!  He also got a teeth-cleaning, which should help with his horrid breath. 

Sounds like he's on the mend and he's going to survive! :)  Though I hate that he was injured (and probably hate the vet bills, too), I'm glad I wasn't the crazy dog-mom on Sunday who overreacted to his run-in with the fence post.  Of course I knew that I loved this dog, but I guess I didn't realize just how much until now. 

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