This year, we celebrated New Year's Eve exactly like we did two years ago.  Nothing elaborate.  Nothing extravagant.  Not even with friends.  Some football, fondue, and our little family of three.  We even busted out the party hats and horns.  It was very low-key, but still very special.

We tried for a family photo.  After realizing a three-person selfie from the iPhone was easier said than done, I set the timer on the real camera.  Turns out, that's how I need to take pictures of Brantley all the time.  He loved the beeping of the timer and the multiple flashes in a row, which made for a perfect NYE face!

We fondued for the fourth(?) year in a row.  It's sort of become a tradition at our house.  And I love traditions.  What is it about apples dipped in cheese?  I'm not sure, but they are so tasty and I look forward to it every.single.year.

I look forward to all that 2014 brings and can't wait to see how we celebrate next year as a family of four!

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