Bumpdate: Week 27

27 weeks today.  27 weeks is very bittersweet to me because it was this day on-the-dot when we learned of Brantley's hydrocephalus.  The very next day is when it was confirmed at our level 2 sonogram at Shawnee Mission Medical Center.  We are headed back there in a couple of weeks for our second level 2 sono of this pregnancy...assuming nothing has changed and Baby's brain is developing normally (as it appeared at 19 weeks), it should be our final sonogram of this pregnancy.  I've been on a high dose of folic acid (4mg) since about three months pre-pregnancy to cut the risk of any neural tube defects...but I also know that since hydrocephalus could be carried in one of my genes (as they explained early on in this pregnancy), Baby #2 has a risk of developing the issue, as well.  Even so, I'm not necessarily worried for our sonogram, but I'd lying if I said 27 weeks didn't bring about a whole slew of emotions for me. 

Despite it being January (and the most blah time of the year, in my opinion), time is still flying!  January 21 already??  Which means my due date is exactly three months and one day away!  I seriously can't keep up!  At my pre-natal massage on Saturday, the therapist asked how far along I was and I couldn't remember for the life of me whether I was 26 or 27 weeks.  Last night, I was reading my 27th-week update from my pregnancy with Brantley and I was floored that that's when I started going to doctor appointments every two weeks!  It's getting real, that's for sure!

As for my weight gain, I'm up 20 pounds.  At this point with Brantley, I was up 14.  And I only gained 29 total with him.  Something tells me I'm going to surpass that 29-pound mark easily this time.  BUT, I weighed about five pounds less to begin this time, so it's all relative, right?  And do you think I have altered my diet because of the extra six pounds I've gained?  Nope, not at all!  In fact, last night, I ate nearly a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter World ice cream.  And in the past week, I've downed three of my birthday cupcakes and a piece of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. :)  What can I say--I love my sweets!  I've never been one to stress about my weight--pregnant or not--and I'm definitely not going to start now!

One more story.  Brantley is just starting to catch on that there's a baby in Mama's belly.  Last week, completely unprompted, he walked over to me sitting on the floor, pointed to my belly and said "baby" and then hugged and kissed it.  Probably the sweetest thing I've witnessed thus far!  He's going to be a great big brother!

How Far Along: 27 weeks

Size of Baby: ~14.5 inches, 2 pounds; the size of a head of cauliflower

Gender: BOY

Weight Gain: 20 pounds

Food Cravings: Nothing really, though {clearly} I can't get enough sweets!

Food Aversions: None

Movement: Often, though still not protruding body parts.

Sleep: Great!

Clothing: Still fit into a few of my looser-fitting non-maternity shirts.  Otherwise, all maternity pants and mostly maternity shirts.  Soooo ready for my spring maternity clothes!!

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: Nothing major.  Braxton Hicks a couple times per day, acid reflux (throat burn) every now and then, stiff hands in the mornings (but still not as bad as with Brantley). My wedding rings still fit and I don't think I'm swelling too much just yet!

What I Miss: I love my maternity clothes, but I sort of miss the assortment and selection of my non-maternity wardrobe.

Best Moment: Definitely that pre-natal massage!!!!  I'd sure love another one of those before April 22 rolls around!

Looking Forward To: February?  Hopefully some snow days?  Either that, or an early spring.  I'd gladly take either.

Don't mind the random head in the bottom left :)

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