Officially a "Big Boy"


Oh Brantley.  Or should I say Big Boy?

It seems like just yesterday that I wrote about your first night in the crib.  You were 6 1/2 weeks old then. 

Now, just a few days shy of 1 1/2 years, we moved you into your "big boy" bed.  Officially, a toddler bed, but also known as a crib with a half rail across the front.  Which means you can independently crawl in and out of your bed, as you please.  You no longer need us for this.  Just another thing to add to the list...the I'm-becoming-so-independent list.  Sigh...

I'm not sure either of us (your Daddy nor I) had planned to move you so soon...after all, we still have 3+ months until your baby brother arrives and weeks more until he moves into the crib...but the toddler bed was assembled and ready to go.  And we knew we'd have to transition you eventually.  So we thought "Why not?!" 

Night number one went well.  I sat on the floor of your "big boy" room and rubbed your back until you were asleep, and then to my surprise, you slept through the night without falling out once! 

Nap number one, on the other hard, was a bit rougher.  For both Mama and Big Boy.  You were confused and seemingly scared of being left alone in this strange, new room.  It probably didn't help that some strange voice (your daddy) was talking to us through the video monitor.  You didn't want me to leave you and squeezed me tight whenever I tried.  Of course, this rattled my emotions (pregnancy hormones, perhaps?) and I was right there with you, crying on the floor of your "big boy" room.  I just couldn't help but think back to your days as a newborn and then about how far we've come and how you are growing up so fast and how much your tight hugs meant to me.  I love, love, love everything about this "big boy" stage--it's definitely my fave--but that doesn't mean I don't get emotional about you growing up. 

You finally fell asleep, but it was short lived.  Your nap was less than an hour (which is really short, especially considering how tired you were).  I'm not sure if you had a bad dream, or what, but we rescued you from your new bed and you slept on Dada's chest for another hour or so.  All the while, Mama was still trying to catch her composure from the wild emotions the hour before.

Night number two went much better.  That is, until you fell out about 30 minutes in.  Oh, I wish I had a picture.  You didn't fall out completely...your body was still laying on the mattress, but your head was hanging over the side and touching the floor.  Kind of like you were getting ready to somersault out of the bed.  And you slept through it all.  To my surprise (again), when you awoke in the morning, you stayed put, in your bed, until I came to greet you.

Currently, you're taking nap number two.  Putting you down for your nap went much better than yesterday.  You must be getting used to this "big boy" thing.  I watched you (on the video monitor) crawl out and back in and out and back in multiple times.  I had to intrude, put you back in your bed, and ask you nicely to stay there twice.  Finally, after about 45 minutes of playing, tossing and turning, and looking around at your new room, you fell asleep and that's where you are now.

Mama is so proud of you, Brantley, for making the transition so well.  I will say, I didn't expect much less seeing that you've made everything pretty simple on us.

And as for your "big boy" room, it's not done, but done enough for now.  Definitely functional.  The walls are painted and decor is coming along nicely.  Your closet and drawers are even full of your clothes.  The nursery is near empty, except for baby stuff.  Which again, makes Mama tear up a bit.  But...I will say, your "big boy" room is pretty sweet.  Don't tell your baby brother, but I think I might like it even more than the nursery!  Pictures to come once it's all said and done!

Love you more than ever, Big Boy!

Your Mama

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