{The Little Things} || Helping Mama Cook

Today, I'm doing something I rarely ever do.  Linking up with another mommy blog (Words About Waverly) for a post that I thought was worth copying: "It's the Little Things."  The whole goal is to reflect on the everyday moments that make life enjoyable.  It's easy to get caught up in the craziness of our everyday schedules.  It's also easy to blog about the big moments and milestones in our lives.  But all too often, the little moments that make life truly memorable are overlooked.  Like playing Ring Around the Rosie, for instance.  A new staple in our house and one of Brantley's favorite games  (thanks to his daycare friends).  It's just so precious when he comes to grab my hand and then Craig's...in an effort to get us to play.  And of course, we always do, because it's the little things like this that make having a kid so darn special.  And fun.

Another recent "little thing".  Cooking with my kiddo.  Or should I say "cooking."  Sunday was my morning to get up with Brantley.  (Over winter break he was sleeping until 8am every morning, but over the past few weeks that time has been getting earlier and earlier.  Last weekend, he was awake at 6:30 each day.  And over past couple of days, he's been awake at 5:30.  What the heck??)  Anyway, since I was up early, I decided to make breakfast.  A French toast stick recipe from Pinterest that I had used a few other times.  Brantley likes to "help" by sitting on the counter and watching getting into everything within reach.  His helping didn't last long (he was grabbing for the knives), but I very much enjoyed the few minutes of early morning Mommy-Son bonding time in the kitchen.

As did Brantley.  He enjoyed {ornerily} eating the strips of bread I had cut for the French toast.  (Pre-dipped in eggs, of course.  The hubs was concerned I let him eat the egg-soaked bread!!  C'mon honey, I have more sense that that!)  And of course, I couldn't resist the photo opp.

A sweet, little moment in my everyday life that I enjoyed and will cherish. 

So there's my first "Little Thing" post.  Maybe I'll make this a weekly thing.  After all, having a kiddo, in my mind anyway, is far more about the little things than it is the big moments and milestones.


  1. So glad that you did this!!!! Love your sweet photos, too cute!!! Thanks for being a part of our link-up, means so much!!


  2. Great post! So true... I like the idea of blogging on more of the little things :) BTW, I love what you did to the blog, I need to freshen mine up but I get so darn frustrated trying to do so that I don't bother. But I do like what you did to yours!

  3. Ahhhh, I love this SO much! I just started doing ring around the rosie with Sadie a week or 2 ago and it's the sweetest thing ever! She just says "aaaashes! aaaashes! fall down!" and it cracks me up every time :) cooking together is another favorite of ours so I can totally relate to your "little things" this week! thank you so much for linking up and sharing with us...it means so much to Ashley & I. I'm a new follower and looking forward to reading though your posts! xoxo