The New Neighborhood Attraction

A few weeks ago, one of Craig's co-workers asked him if he wanted a used swingset.  There was nothing wrong with it, but at the time, it was in this co-worker's "burn pile".  Ummm.....are you kidding??  Yes, we'll take it!  It's free!  So last week, Craig and the co-worker hauled it to our house.  It was in multiple pieces and sat under our deck for a few days.  Then, on Sunday, with a case of beer and our backyard neighbor, the pieces were slowly nailed (correction: screwed) together to become a functioning swingset.  And when I say slowly, I mean over the course of 6ish hours.  They did take a break at one point because the neighbor had to attend his daughter's soccer game, so it wasn't six non-stop grueling hours of work, but apparently, it was still a you-know-what to put together.

And now it's the newest neighborhood attraction.  Despite having swingsets of their own, the kids behind and to the side of us think our new {to us} swingset is the greatest thing since Justin Beiber.  Or whatever it is that kids like these days! :)

I can't wait to spend many summer afternoons on this thing!

Speaking of...
Summer countdown: 1 day to go! :)

Here are some pics shortly after "the build" began...

And then I left for a few hours, so I didn't get to take many "building-in-progress" photos.  So here is the finished product!

Testing it out with the neighbor kids

In other backyard news, we busted out the baby pool this weekend, as well!  I wasn't sure Brantley would like it as much as the bathtub becuase of the less-than-warm water, but to my surprise, he didn't seem bothered!  I, however, was a nervous wreck about him diving beneath the water and drowning.  I can only imagine how I'll feel at the big-kid pool...

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  1. They were just going to throw that away?! No way! Good thing you snagged that up for B-man! Looks like the hard work of putting it together paid off!